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NovoEd Review: Pros and Cons for Learning Designers

Are you considering NovoEd as a learning platform? Explore this unfiltered NovoEd Review and see if it's the right choice for you!

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NovoEd is one of the leaders in social and collaborative learning for corporate academies. Founded at Stanford's social algorithm labs, NovoEd garners high trust from global corporations and executive education providers like Nestle, 3M, and GE.

They have been in the industry since 2012—both as a learning platform for deep capability building and a learning experience platform (LXP) where they offer 500 courses taught by world-renowned instructors. Truly, NovoEd’s influence is enormous in the world of eLearning business.

With its strong reputation in learning design, it's worth examining if NovoEd suits your learning organization's needs and what users have to say about it.

Let’s uncover the unfiltered NovoEd reviews from real clients who have used their platform in the last few years!

4 Best Features from NovoEd Reviews

Impressive Social Learning Features

Many users complement NovoEd's fantastic social learning features. Consequently, they utilize the platform for peer learning. Thanks to its collaborative and engaging elements such as forums, quizzes, leaderboards, peer reviews, personalized coaching, and integrations. Users find it highly effective.

NovoEd Review: “I enjoyed my time using NovoEd. It is a GREAT platform for social learning. Users can chat on course discussion boards, and the peer review component is excellent. I also love that users can view each other's submissions (this can be turned on/off by admin) and comment on others work/get ideas.” - Lina C, Learning Experience Designer

Intuitive and User-Friendly for Blended Learning Approach Training

Another feature that L&D managers love is its intuitive and user-friendly interface. This is particularly beneficial because learning specialists have more tasks and topics to cover. Having this simple interface of NovoEd makes creating courses and training easy for everyone!

Learn from NovoEd review: “NovoEd learning platform is a cutting edge contemporary learning online platform, which constantly evolves, bringing powerful and relevant new features every few weeks. The platform is very intuitive, user user-friendly, and offers a blended approach for combining synchronous and asynchronous self-paced elements. The design features are easy to use. I like a lot the possibility of including various types of individual and team assignments, sharing peer-to-peer feedback, and interacting in small groups in a dedicated space. Moreover, the platform is fully mobile responsive and content can be viewed on a small-screen device. At NovoEd the teams are very customer oriented, listen to customer feedback, and respond very fast with a solution-oriented mindset and attitude.” - Mariya O. Learning Specialist

An Excellent Leader in Cohort-based Learning

Just this January, NovoEd received recognition in The Craig Weiss Group's 2023 Learning System Awards, ranking in the Top 10.

Upon the evaluation of 1,000 systems worldwide, NovoEd received recognition for its cohort-based learning, comprehensive metrics, and outstanding user interface. The platform's emphasis on capability-building and its dedication to innovation secured this distinction.

NovoEd Review

Apart from this, they offer two impactful learning experience design courses for free: (1) the learning change management for executives, and (2) L&D campfire: a virtual conference about learning sciences and research.

NovoEd Review

As an L&D manager and instructional designer, you can definitely upskill through NovoEd’s top-of-the-line courses to improve your learning experience design skills.

Lastly, they’ve also contributed to the education industry by their research-based and evidence-based findings and reports about corporate training.

Free LXP Community!

Have you been looking for like-minded people and experts who are in the field of learning design? Worry no more! NovoEd also offers an LXP community for all. It's a forum-type online community where you can read, engage, and learn from other learning experience designers out there.

NovoEd Review 2023

4 Worst Features from NovoEd Reviews

Apart from having the best features that led to positive NovoEd reviews, some users also expressed dissatisfaction with the NovoEd platform.

Not Enough Customization Features

Meanwhile, learning experience designers feel confined by the available features for course design, SCORM file integration, and other unaddressed glitches. Due to this fact, users feel they can’t do more in playing around and adding creative ideas using the NovoEd platform.

NovoEd Review: “Not enough customization. You are really boxed in by the features they have available as far as course design (headers, page width, etc.) It made it really hard to embed any HTML5 or SCORM content into the course because the page margins were so small everything got smooshed. They're also still working out some bugs so sometimes you'll encounter a glitch that no one has heard of before and has to be sent for engineering to review.” - Lina C, Learning Experience Designer

Few Integrations and Limited Features Compared To Other LMSs

Similar to the limitations imposed by restricted customization features, users also raised concerns about NovoEd's sparse integrations and features compared to other LMSs. It appears that users found the reporting analytics to be basic and lacking in automation, which deterred them.

Review for NovoEd: “There was no assessment feature and some transitions were clunky. Page types were limited.” - Susan T, President of a Non Profit Org

Another NovoEd Review: “The Reporting. It leaves alot to be desired, it quite basic, there's no automated delivery option or schedule which can help to run the platform.” - Ashley T., CX Delivery Manager

Pricing Model isn’t for Small Businesses

While NovoEd enjoys trust among global corporations and training firms, its pricing model doesn't align with every business. Pricing remains undisclosed on their platform, necessitating a demo for details.

This lack of transparency can be limiting for micro-schools, online live academies, and learning communities seeking to utilize NovoEd as a training platform.

NovoEd Review: “I "inherited" NovoEd and tried to make it work for our business model, but it just did not. The peer-to-peer communication was of high value to us - network building was one of the things that this platform does best. The financial model is not designed for resellers, small businesses or the nonprofit environment.” - Susan T., Non-profit

No Free Trial and No Free Version

In contrast to many other social learning platforms, NovoEd doesn't offer a free trial or freemium features to prospective customers. Their pricing isn't readily available on their website, and to explore their features, you must schedule a demo.

In short, you can't experiment with the platform before committing to a subscription.

The Biggest Roadblock: NovoEd's Limitation for Small Businesses


NovoEd maintains its strong reputation in cohort-based learning. However, its restrictive platform features hinder micro-businesses to subscribe in their platform. In other words, small businesses, course creators, and non-profit organizations lacking substantial resources may encounter limitations in NovoEd's capabilities.

Nowadays, flexibility is one of the most important features of an LMS. Due to the fact that education is a no-one-size-fits-all model, educators and instructors feel the need to customize, personalize, and create out-of-the-box ideas to make classes more engaging than traditional ones.

If your online learning platform lacks adequate flexibility, you'll likely find yourself confined to its pre-set options. Rather than dwelling on NovoEd's limitations, consider exploring a more adaptable alternative in the realm of social learning platforms, such as Teachfloor.

NovoEd vs Teachfloor: What do they have in Common?

teachfloor NovoEd alternative

The best NovoEd alternative is Teachfloor  a premier social learning platform tailored for cohort-based learning models.

Teachfloor is purpose-built to enhance cohort-based and hybrid courses, fostering dynamic and transformative learning experiences. As a result, Teachfloor's impressive and versatile features empower you to accomplish more than with NovoEd.

Impressive Social Learning Features.

Like NovoEd, Teachfloor incorporates peer review features alongside instructor review, enabling instructors to streamline peer learning among students.

Teachfloor's Peer Review Feature

Teachfloor allows you to automate a significant portion of your tasks. As a result, it helps you focus on providing an exceptional learning experience. Lastly, it reduces the need for extensive manual work, making it a valuable partner in expanding your eLearning business.

Highly Designed for Cohort-based Learning Model

Teachfloor, tailored for cohort-based courses, offers an easily navigable course builder. It seamlessly integrates with Zoom and live sessions, providing a built-in community in addition to course pages.

Moreover, it empowers users with features like direct messaging, extensive integrations, embedded content, and the ability to create SCORM files, enabling a more versatile learning experience.

Teachfloor's App Interface
Free Resources on Social Learning, Collaborative Environments, and Cohort-based Model

Lastly, Teachfloor is also a top-tier leader and resource hub in the eLearning realm. In fact, we offer an extensive library of resources, including numerous eBooks and guides to enhance your expertise in designing online curriculums and training.

Teachfloor: LMS Built for Every Learning Organization!

In contrast to the NovoEd platform, which garners mixed NovoEd reviews—Teachfloor addresses NovoEd's limitations effectively. Teachfloor is uniquely designed to cater to the needs of small businesses, micro-schools, non-profit organizations, and various learning institutions seeking greater flexibility and a tailored learning platform for all.

Therefore, enjoy these flexible features from Teachfloor:

  • Flexible course builder
  • Built-in Community
  • 100+ software integrations
  • Embed features for other online tools
  • Automated payment collection
  • Unlimited storage, course activities, and students starting from the basic plan
  • With a 15-day free trial to see if the platform works for your business model
  • Excellent customer support
  • Peer review, SCORM file integration, quizzes, and other assessment tools

Sign up today to validate if Teachfloor is the right fit for you! 💙

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