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Run live classes on Zoom, collect online payments, and manage your students.
Build and scale your online bootcamp with an all-in-one software
lms online bootcamp
Build your live online academy
Build your organization training center

Manage your online live academy with just one flexible and easy to use platform, create your cohort based course and sell it online.

Engage students with activities
Increase learner engagement

Manage your students' activities and offer an active learning experience increasing engagement.

Cohort based learning - Community
Grow your community

Build a community around your course help your students connect with each other, and improve student-outcomes.

Building the future of education with a
corporate training platform

Our mission is to give each organization the opportunity to set up their own online course with just one click.
Learning Management System online bootcamp

Build your course curriculum

Set a start and end date of your online bootcamp, schedule live lessons or upload videos and content.


Manage your student community

Provide a space for your students to make discussions in order helping each other and staying organized.

online bootcamp - Community
online bootcamp tool  - Activities

Incentivize engaging student activities

Schedule students assignments and incentive peer reviews. Keep track of your students progress during your online bootcamp.


Collect payments and student applications

Set the price of your cohort based course and collect payments from your course landing page. Manage the enrollment process from one place.

build online bootcamp  - Enroll
live online academy zoom

Run virtual live classes and sync appointments with Zoom

  • Sync all of your classes with Zoom

    Each new lesson will be automatically synced with Zoom. It’s quick and easy to connect your account to Zoom, making video calls totally hassle-free.

  • Automate Zoom links to save time

    Each class will be given a unique link accessible only to your subscribers. Say goodbye to wasting time sending links to your students.

Manage your online bootcamp and watch it academy grow

  • Track your revenues

    Easily manage all your online activities from your dashboard. Check for new subscribers, set up lessons, or track your revenues

  • Manage your class schedule

    Use the calendar to schedule your lessons with incredible ease. Each lesson will be automatically published on your website where your students can effortlessly register.

zoom online courses

Empowering innovative schools everywhere

We help every kind of school and learning center move their business online, by giving them all the right tools to build their virtual academy – for free.

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