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Discover our array of services

Our services are designed to get your team up to speed and achieving your goals faster. With a combination of expert guidance and cutting-edge solutions, Teachfloor is the partner you need to succeed at scale.

Optimize & Automate Enrollment Process

Improve your student enrollment process with our expert assistance in designing and setting up a super efficient and effortless system, including integration of financial tools and reporting.

Checkout Flow Optimization

Maximize ROI and drive adoption with a smooth checkout process, easy to manage with a friendly user experience for one-time fees, subscriptions, installments, and online and offline payments.

CRM and CMS Integration

We assist with establishing your business structure, selecting and setting up the optimal CRM, and connecting all your tools to your CMS. If you don't have one, we can help you build it.


Our design and development services create an engaging and practical website for your academy with a fabulous look and feel. Expertise guaranteed.

LMS and Course Setup

We set up your LMS connecting it with your existing system in place. We help you design the most effective methodology for your content and how to structure your course curriculum.

Marketing Automation

We design and set up the most efficient and effective automation processes for your marketing operations as drip campaigns, email cadences, newsletters, Linkedin automations, conditional messages on user behaviors.

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Scale your eLearning business

Transform your eLearning business with our proven methodologies and customized solutions


Limitless customization options

Our tool offers limitless customization options, thanks to our team's ability to create custom integrations to meet your unique needs.

Single Sign-On

Easy access with Single Sign-On

Our team will help you integrate Single Sign-On (SSO) with our platform, streamlining the login process and reducing the need for multiple usernames and passwords.

Website for online academy

Website for online learning

Impress your students and increase your visibility online with a website tailored to your needs. Let us help you bring your vision to life and grow your online learning business.

The All-in-One Solution for Online Academies

Teachfloor is more than just a platform, it's a complete solution for online academies looking to succeed.
Plus, our dedicated team is always here to help with personalized integrations and development.

Embed content from your favorite tools

Bring your online lessons to life with seamless integration of interactive content from multiple tools. For example, you can integrate YouTube videos or interactive Mirò whiteboards in your online lessons with Teachfloor.

Embedded Classes

Brand your online academy with our customizable white-label course platform

Upload your company's logo and use the company's brand colors on your online academy to align it with your company's branding.

  • Add your Logo
  • Custom domain
  • Brand Colors
LMS white laber
cohort-based course
Cohort-Based Learning
community icon
Community Managment
course icon
Semi-synchronous course
peer learning
Peer Learning
Enrollment & Payments
Student management & reports
White labeling
icon integration
Multiple instructors and admins
LMS for Online Bootcamp

"Teachfloor is the best platform to build cohort-based courses, it’s easy to use and very flexible. Before using Teachfloor to launch a cohort,  we needed 10 different tools only to manage payments, set up courses and communities, and run quizzes. With Teachfloor we have all we need in one easy solution"

Tom K.

Founder & CEO
LMS for Online Bootcamp

"Teachfloor provides a richer, more organized experience for our students and enables our team to focus on more important items. The platform supports multiple use cases and their team is quick to respond to questions and feedback"

Melody A.

Author & Coach
LMS for Online Bootcamp

"We use Teachfloor to manage several group courses and so far it has been a delightful experience. The tool is designed to be incredibly flexible, this allows us to create complex, hybrid courses, mixing asynchronous sessions with live sessions and we were able to scale our academy by increasing the number of attendees”

Josh S.

Founder & Head Instructor

Trusted by 300+ happy learning organizations.

We help every kind of academy and learning center move their business online, by giving them all the right tools to build their virtual academy.

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