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Sana Labs Review: A Comprehensive Review for L&D Teams

Looking for an unbiased Sana Labs Review? Here’s a meticulous analysis, distilled into a single article with valuable recommendations!

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While the world of edu-tech VC is experiencing a cold and dry funding winter, a few startups are thriving and gaining notable raises. One of them is Sana Labs.

In the middle of funding winter, Sana Labs raised $34M for its AI-based knowledge management platform. And only last May, Sana additionally raised $28M led by NEA.

In a remarkably short span, this Swedish-born scaleup became Europe’s most highly funded company. Sana Labs has now a total of $62M in Series B funding!

That’s exhilarating! So, what exactly is Sana Labs, and why is it generating such buzz? What are its strengths and weaknesses?

Over the past few days, we've undertaken the task of examining user reviews of Sana Labs. Our aim is to streamline the research process for L&D teams, sparing them the time and effort of scouring the internet for reviews and ensuring they choose the best platform for their corporate learning academies.

While Sana Labs holds great promise as a platform, the key question is whether it aligns with the specific needs of your learning organization, or if it's simply a case of "shiny object syndrome," attracted to the latest and hottest learning management platform on the web.

Let's delve in and find out!

5 Best Features from Sana Labs Review

Sana labs website
Source: Sana Labs
1. Customizable Learning Materials

One of the standout features of Sana Labs is its robust customization options. Users can easily create their own courses and learning materials tailored to their specific needs. This customization extends to multiple languages, including English, Spanish, and more. This flexibility is a game-changer for L&D teams looking to deliver content that resonates with diverse audiences.

Sana Labs Review: "I would highly recommend this platform to any finance firm looking to enhance its learning and development initiatives. The level of customization and precision offered by the platform is unmatched, and I'm confident it will have a significant impact on the finance industry in the years to come." - Sai S

2. Personalized Learning

It excels in offering personalized learning experiences. Its adaptive learning algorithms analyze individual learner performance and preferences to deliver content tailored to each student's needs. This approach fosters engagement and ensures that learners receive the right content at the right time.

Sana Labs Review: "Our organization has had the privilege of working with this learning platform and the experience has been nothing short of remarkable. The personalized learning approach has created a more efficient and effective way for our employees to learn and retain information. The authoring support provided is unparalleled and the collaboration functionalities allow our SMEs and L&D teams to collaborate more effectively than ever. "- Kristina B.

3. User-Friendly Interface

Sana Labs boasts a beautiful and intuitive user interface. This feature is crucial for ensuring that both educators and learners can navigate the platform effortlessly. The ease of use simplifies the process of content creation and management, saving valuable time for L&D professionals.

4. Multimedia Integration

The platform supports multimedia elements like images and voiceovers, enhancing the learning experience. This multimedia integration is particularly valuable for creating engaging content that captures learners' attention and facilitates comprehension.

5. Streamlining Tasks

The platform streamlines various tasks by automating processes such as quiz and assessment form creation, as well as generating slides and content materials, saving users time and effort in content development.

Sana Labs Review: "We had grown tired of delivering slide decks through other platforms and wanted to create a unique product for our clients. Sana (through their Live product) lets you reimagine the way you deliver your training with a focus on interactivity. Other platforms have interactive features like polls show up in other windows or over the main screen, making them seem like a side element to the presentation. With Sana, the interactive element IS the focus." - James K.

5 Worst Features

1. Inconsistent Progress Tracking

Sana Labs has faced criticism for its progress-tracking functionality. Users have reported inconsistencies, with the platform occasionally indicating incomplete tasks even when learners have finished them. This discrepancy can lead to confusion and frustration among both educators and learners.

Review for Sana Labs: "The interface is beautiful and easy to use. It has a feature to add images and voiceover. I like this because it can be used for multiple languages. The only thing I don't like about the app is that it's not very good at keeping track of my progress. Sometimes it will say something like "you haven't done anything yet" when it clearly knows I completed everything. However, other times it will tell me I've completed something when I haven't." - Byron F.

2. Notification Overload

Another drawback noted by users is the excessive notifications sent by the platform, particularly if users are unfamiliar with the information's location. While notifications are essential for keeping users informed, striking the right balance is crucial to prevent overload.

Sana Labs Review: "There are some features within this program which can sometimes make it difficult to navigate. For example, there isn't always enough space to write down notes next to each other so you end up having to scroll through pages to find what you need. Too many notifications sent if someone doesn’t know where all your information lies. - Kevin T.

3. Rapid Changes Through Frequent Product Updates

The team is actively iterating on features, refining its product-market fit, and implementing rapid changes on the platform. While these developments may not pose significant challenges for your L&D team, effective communication is key. Team leaders should ensure clear and transparent communication with internal stakeholders and members who are utilizing Sana Labs to navigate these ongoing changes.

Review: "We genuinely really appreciate Sana as a tool and one of our favorite parts is how quickly we get new features. However, this is something you have to be willing to really be on top of. Sometimes it can make things confusing, as many things change rapidly and it can be a challenge to keep our entire team updated on those changes. As an admin, it's not really an option to put it aside for a few weeks, because your communication will likely be outdated and you will find yourself having to figure multiple things out again yourself." - Amber d.

4. Intermittent Freezing & Minor Glitches

A small fraction of users have encountered intermittent freezing and minor glitches during their Sana Labs sessions. While these occurrences appear to be infrequent, it's crucial for L&D teams to acknowledge the possibility of occasional performance interruptions that may impact the learning experience.

5. AI-Language Support

As Sana Labs continues to enhance its offerings, it's worth noting that some users have expressed concerns regarding AI support in languages other than English. These users have reported that the AI may not perform as effectively in non-English languages. This suggests a potential area for improvement as Sana Labs evolves its language capabilities.

Review for Sana Labs: "There is nothing to dislike - the only thing that became clear to us is that the AI support is not as good in languages other than English right now - but in true Sana fashion the team is already working on getting other languages up to par." - Marc B.

Sana Labs Pricing: The Biggest Hurdle

Unless you are a huge, fully funded, and well-profited learning organization—you can avail Sana Labs’ platform without breaking the bank. Sana Labs, with all the brightest reviews from their early adopters, has an insurmountable price offering compared to other LMSs out there!

Sana has only two plans: Core and Enterprise. The core plan starts at €7200 annually. With this amount, you will get an end-to-end Sana platform including their AI-powered content creation and interactive live classroom experience.

Sana labs review: pricing
Source. Sanalabs.com

If you compare this to other LMSs with almost the same benefits, it’s totally an expensive purchase. Apparently, Sana Labs isn’t for small to mid-learning organizations with limited budgets. At the end of the day, you don’t want to allocate all your money to an expensive learning platform if you can avail a cheaper one with similar features!

Sana Labs vs. Teachfloor

When the budget isn't abundant for your company, Teachfloor presents itself as a viable alternative to Sana Labs. Much like Sana, Teachfloor stands as the leading social learning platform, equipped with a range of collaborative features that closely mirror those offered by Sana Labs.

Empowering Learning Together: What Teachfloor and Sana Labs Have in Common

Teachfloor and Sana Labs share a vision of enhancing education through innovation. Both offer comprehensive social learning platforms, combining the best in education technology. Their dedication to customer support is exemplary, ensuring users have a seamless experience.

With customizable course builders and data-driven analytics dashboards, they put control in educators' hands, making learning effective and enjoyable.

All-in-one Social Learning Platform: Like Sana Labs, Teachfloor provides a holistic learning experience, incorporating various tools and features in one platform. From interactive lessons to collaborative discussions, it offers a comprehensive solution for learners and educators alike.

Source: Teachfloor.com

Incredible Customer Support: The exceptional customer support from Teachfloor ensures that users have assistance when needed. Don’t take our word for it, find out how Teachfloor supported Georgia Audubon to scale their volunteer learning organization. Quick responses, helpful guidance, and problem-solving contribute to a smooth and efficient learning journey are both offered by Sana and Teachfloor.

Fantastic User Experience: Teachfloor prioritizes user-friendliness. Its intuitive interface and well-designed features create an engaging and enjoyable learning environment. Navigating through courses and accessing resources becomes a seamless experience for all users.

Sana labs vs Teachfloor

Customizable Course Builder: With Teachfloor's customizable course builder, educators have the freedom to tailor content to their specific needs. This flexibility allows for personalized learning experiences that cater to diverse audiences and teaching styles.

Data-driven Analytics Dashboard: Teachfloor's analytics dashboard empowers educators with insights into learner performance. It tracks progress, highlights strengths and weaknesses, and enables data-informed decision-making. This feature enhances the effectiveness of teaching and learning strategies.

Teachfloor's Advantage: Save up to 90% on annual fees!

At Teachfloor, embarking on your course creation journey is both cost-effective and straightforward. Kickstart your online academy with our 14-day free trial. If you find our platform aligns with your needs, you can seamlessly transition to a plan that suits you, beginning at just $59 per month.

Teachfloor review: pricing
Source: Teachfloor.com

Our basic plan doesn't skimp on value. It offers unlimited students, storage, courses, and learning activities, enabling you to expand your online courses and training initiatives. Whether you're pursuing self-paced, hybrid, or cohort-based learning, Teachfloor serves as the optimal platform to cultivate your learning organization.

Here's the icing on the cake: by choosing Teachfloor over Sana Labs, you can enjoy savings of up to 90% annually in fees. Make the wise choice and embark on your Teachfloor journey today! 💙

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