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Teachfloor provides academies and instructors with the exact tools they need to go online and monetize their community with a subscription-based business model.

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Everything you need, included.

Today, instructors need several tools to build their virtual school. Teachfloor brings it all together.
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Curriculum Builder

Set a start and end date of your cohort based course, schedule live lessons or upload videos and content.

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Lesson scheduling

Teachfloor allows you to schedule and publish lessons on your calendar, giving your learners the chance to easily follow your lessons.


Provide a space for students to have discussions where they can help each other and can staying organized.

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Peer Review

Let your students work and collaborate together through peer learning activities. Boost the learner engagement and interaction by offering an active learning experience.

On Demand Video

Build an hybrid cohort based course, upload video lessons so you can have time for your students to schedule time with you.

Student report

Track your students progress and get extensive insights into how your learners perform through our full suite of analytics tools.

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Instructor Review

Create a student task in minutes. Allow students to submit anything text, files, and links. Review the student's task, give feedback, and let them reflect on it.

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Chat 1-to-1

Let the students chat with each other, create relationships and exchange information. Make your course an opportunity to create a truly close-knit community.

White Label

Customize your academy dashboards adding your logo, domain and brand identity.


Upload your SCORM file and run it inside Teachfloor. Your students will be able to view and interact with the content of the SCORM file.


Paste an embed code from your favorite app into your course. Students will be able to view and interact with the third-party apps directly in Teachfloor.

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Zapier Integration

Zapier allows you to connect your Teachfloor to your favorite apps and online tools, such as Google Docs, Airtable, Trello, and Notion.

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Stripe Integration

Give customers the chance to purchase your cohort based course, and send payments with just a few clicks.

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Zoom Integration

You can use your Zoom account along with Teachfloor. Each class will be given a specific link accessible only to your students.

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Analytics Dashboard

We made analytics simple and easy to use, with an innovative system that helps keep track of your learners most important data.

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Reminder emails will automatically be sent before the class with all the information students need to join, such as the time, date, and Zoom link.

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Multi Instructors

Do you work alongside other instructors? Add them to your site as collaborators and link them directly to the classes they lead.

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Course page

In just minutes you can easily increase your online presence with an outstanding landing page for sharing upcoming classes, collects payments, and much more.

Brand your online academy with our customizable white-label course platform

  • Attach your Logo and Brand Colors

    Upload your company's logo and use the company's brand colors on your online academy to align it with your company's branding.

  • Custom domain and Single Sign-On

    Make your online academy fully branded and secure by hosting it on your company's domain, customizing the login page, and implementing Single Sign-On for easy access.

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Run virtual live classes and sync live events with Zoom

  • Sync all your classes & track attendees

    Each new lesson will be automatically synced with Zoom. Each class will be given a unique link accessible only to your subscribers.

  • Auto-upload Zoom classes recording

    Automatically upload the recording video of Zoom classes, to make them available even to students who have not been able to attend the event.

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Simplify courses creation by embed content and automating processes

  • Embed content from +100 software

    Enrich your classes by showing slides, spreadsheets, wireframes, and much more embedding content from your favorite tools.

  • Third-party integrations

    Manage your academy more efficiently by integrating with third-party services. Create smart automation processes for tracking enrollment and student progress.

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