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5 Great Video Editing Software Solutions for Educational Content

Struggling to boost knowledge retention in your classroom? Try video-based learning! Let’s dive into a game-changer for educators like you – video editing software

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Did you know that video learning improves knowledge retention by 83%?

Yes, you’ve read it right. Studies revealed the magic of visuals and videos in presentations, revving up learner engagement and participation. There is no surprise here considering our innate visual nature. After all, learning with entertainment—now called “edutainment”—accelerates knowledge retention. It's the gateway to transformative learning experiences.

When crafting your courses, materials, and training sessions, make sure to incorporate video-based learning. Whether you're recording yourself or collecting snippets from various sources, the key after that is video editing software. This useful tool paves the way for interactive and engaging content.

So in this article, we break down the ultimate list of video editing software, tailor-made for educators, trainers, and instructors. But before that, let's tackle the basics:

  • What's video editing software?
  • What are the editing types?
  • Most importantly, the must-have features to choosing the perfect fit software for you!
  • The 5 Best Video Editing Software

Here we go – let’s dive in! 📽️

What is Video Editing Software?

Video editing software is a tool to enhance, edit, and manipulate video and audio clips to create visually appealing videos. In short, it’s your partner-in-crime when you want to make engaging content both for business and educational purposes.

Aside from this, video editing software becomes a crucial tool for educators crafting video-based learning content. It empowers instructors to enhance, organize, and refine their educational videos. This software allows seamless merging of various clips, trimming unwanted parts, and adding transitions to ensure smooth flow.

Furthermore, it enables overlaying text, graphics, and annotations to emphasize key points. Cutting-edge video editing tools offer easy-to-use interfaces, making it accessible for educators without extensive technical skills. By utilizing such software, instructors can create engaging, visually appealing, and informative videos, ultimately enriching the learning experience for their students.

What are the three common types of video editing?

  1. Linear Video Editing: This method involves physically cutting and splicing pieces of film or tape together in a linear order. While it offers high control over the final video, it's time-consuming. Digital tools have largely replaced it for real-time edits.
  2. Non-Linear Video Editing (NLE): NLE uses software to edit audio and video files without physically cutting or pasting. Editors can manipulate files freely, experiment with techniques, add effects, and enhance audio. It's now the standard, making high-quality projects more efficient. Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and Avid Media Composer are popular tools.
  3. Simple Cutting: This primary method removes scenes from a video to create a seamless sequence. Editors select and delete sections, then transition between the remaining parts. It's used for home videos, social media content, and short-form projects like interviews.

7 Must-Have Features to look for in video editing software

Due to several video editing software available in the market, picking the best fit for you is one of the most time-consuming tasks ever! We know it at Teachfloor. To help you save time and effort, here are the must-have criteria to keep in mind when looking for the perfect option for you:

  1. Ease of Use. For educators focused on content creation, a user-friendly interface should be #1 on your checklist. Learning in-depth skills in video creation may take you time and the learning curve is steep. So, look for software that is best for beginners and friendly to users.
  2. No Watermark. Some free video editing software allows you to render your video and publish it on websites, however, if you don’t pay for it, then you suffer from having a watermark of their brand in your movie. You don’t want that. Instead, you want to present a nice-looking video that will entertain and inform your students. So better to look for software that won’t place their logo as a watermark and is free to use for a certain period of time.
  3. Best for beginners. When you hear about video editing and you’re not an editor, it may sound complicated for you. Thanks to technology, there are many video editing software that are best for rookies like Movavi, Canva, and Simplified. Go for those that are uncomplicated, yet useful in editing your video-based training resources.
  4. Compatibility. One of the most important techy things to keep in mind when reviewing online tools! Make sure the video editing software you are eyeing to download is compatible with your PC operating system. For instance, if you’re using Windows, then check first if the software is compatible with the version of your Windows OS.
  5. Free Download. If you’re familiar with Final Cut Pro, it’s an example of a video editing software that is not free to download on your laptop. Before experiencing the tool, you need to cash out some money. Look for those tools that you can easily download for free, so you can try them without paying a fee.
  6. Integration or Embed Feature. This feature is one of the most useful ones for instructors and educators teaching online. It’s perfect for those who are using an all-in-one LMS like Teachfloor, where you put everything in one place. Embedding content such as learning videos can save up to 50% of your time.
  7. Advanced Editing Features. It’s not a sin to look for advanced features of these tools even though you’re a beginner. Advanced features such as an audio editor, saving in several formats, or adding designs, etc. can really take your educational videos from a rookie editor to a professional editor. Instead of creating a simple video, go for the advanced features that will take your output into a blast!

5 Great Video Editing Software Solutions for Educational Content

Movavi Academic Video Editing Software: Top Pick for Educators

One of the best examples of video editing tools is Movavi Video Editor. Due to its super-easy interface and sleek design, you can edit your videos effortlessly without studying video editing for years! This tool is available for Mac and Windows, and they also have a Movavi Editor for educational content which is pretty cool! 

For educators, trainers, and instructors seeking top-tier video editing software to craft exceptional educational content, Movavi Academic is your perfect companion. Designed to cater to teachers, students, and educational administrators alike, Movavi Academic offers a range of features tailored to enhance the learning experience.

movavi Great Video Editing Software

For Teachers, Trainers, and Instructors:

  • Enhanced Teaching: Explain complex subjects with video lessons, fostering collaborative student engagement. Utilize video-editing technologies for distance learning, connecting with remote students worldwide.
  • Personalized Content: Customize online lessons by recording screencasts and personalizing through webcam presence. Employ dynamic transitions, stickers, filters, and interactive quizzes to captivate students.

For Students:

  • Versatile Creation: Craft engaging clips, presentations, and screencasts for assignments. Capture online lessons for future review and demonstrate program activities through instructional videos.
  • Progressive Learning: Start with basic tools and gradually explore advanced features like Chroma Key and Stop Motion. Hone your video editing skills, potentially participating in contests and film festivals.

Can you imagine making learning more exciting by showing complex ideas with videos that grab students' attention and help them understand better? You can easily share your teaching videos and keep students connected to the content. No matter where your students are, you can create awesome online lessons and courses. It’s just one download away!

Movavi Academic gives educators and students a powerful set of tools to create amazing educational videos. It takes learning to a new level, making classes more engaging and letting your creativity shine with our super cool video editing software made just for schools.

Compatibility: available for both Windows and MacOS

Price: Starts at $12.00

What educators are saying?

“I run a Christian School for the deaf in a Mexican town called Reynosa. My teachers record Mexican Sign Language classes on webcams and add voiceovers so the parents can understand. Using Google classroom, our students continue their education. We love Movavi and enjoy adding a voiceover to a video while playing it. That is way easier than recording audio separately and then trying to synchronize it with the video.” - Carlos Gutierrez, Curriculum Developer

Canva Video Editor for Educators: A free video editor

Elevate your educational content creation with Canva's versatile video editing capabilities. Whether you're a teacher or a student, Canva's free online video editor brings a host of transformative features to your fingertips!

canva Video Editing Software

Top Features:

  • Drag-and-Drop Simplicity: Craft engaging videos effortlessly using the intuitive drag-and-drop interface, whether you're recording yourself, using Canva's library, or combining both.
  • Seamless Collaboration: Collaborate in real-time, leaving comments and assigning actions on specific scenes, fostering teamwork and efficiency.
  • Creative Customization: Enhance your videos with text overlays, cinematic transitions, animations, and more, giving your content a professional touch.
  • Adaptable Resizing: Instantly resize videos for different social platforms with Magic Resize, ensuring your content looks stunning across various channels.

Unlock the potential of Canva's video editing tools to inspire, engage, and captivate your audience while simplifying the content creation process.

Compatibility: Available in Web, Desktop, and Mobile browser

Pricing: Free for Educators

What educators are saying?

“I use Canva every week to create videos to share on the marquee outside of our school for events and meetings… I love how I can change the motion for different parts of the video to make it more interesting”. - Michelle Golightly, Office Manager at Central Davis Junior High School, Davis School District

Filmora Video Editing Software: A versatile video editor

Filmora stands as a versatile video editing tool with a host of features for both beginners and experienced creators. These features encompass AI-powered enhancements like smart cutouts for flawless visuals and AI audio tools for noise reduction and synchronization. The software's intuitive design facilitates rapid video creation through quick split mode, preset templates, and auto beat sync.

Great Video Editing Software

Top features:

  • Functions like auto reframe, motion tracking, and screen recording offer advanced editing capabilities to users without the need for specialized skills.
  • Its broad array of features, ranging from effects like chroma key and mask blending to text-to-speech and color correction, makes Filmora an all-encompassing solution for diverse video editing needs.
  • With over 10 million built-in free stock media and various effects, Filmora ensures videos stand out with simplicity and effectiveness.

Compatibility: Available for MacOS and Windows

Pricing: Starts at $79

What educators are saying?

“Filmora is integrated with a lot of professional features that you only get in expensive professional video-making software. I always recommend this software to my audience and the students I teach as well. Give it a try, I guarantee you'll love it as much as I do.” - Jacky Nguyen, Teacher

Synthesia: AI-powered Video Software

Synthesia is an AI-powered video creation platform tailored for enterprise Learning and Development (L&D) teams. It offers a streamlined solution to the challenges faced by L&D professionals.

 Video Editing Software

Top Features:

  • AI Avatars: Over 140 AI Avatars cater to diverse workforces, enhancing inclusivity in training videos by offering options across age, ethnicity, and gender.
  • Voiceovers: Transforms written text into high-quality voiceovers in more than 120 languages and tones, ensuring consistent and expert narration without the need for specialized recording equipment.
  • Easy Updates: Allows effortless script editing for up-to-date videos, eliminating the need for costly reshoots.

Compatibility: No download required

Pricing: Starts at $22

What users are saying?

“Our 380.000+ employees all over the world must have the same competence profile. Synthesia helps us develop engaging, relevant and localised training content at scale.” - Ben K., SVP Learning and Dev. at Teleperformance

Invideo: Easy-to-Use Video Editing Software

InVideo's Free Online Video Editor offers a hassle-free way to create professional-quality videos for your business needs. With 7000+ easy-to-edit templates, bundled stock media & music, and intuitive editing tools, you can craft social media ads, promo videos, and more quickly and effectively.

invideo Video Editing Software

Top Features:

  1. Accessible Video Creation: InVideo aims to revolutionize video creation by making it browser-based, collaborative, and enjoyable. With 5000+ unique designer templates, 9M+ premium media including iStock, and versatile customizability, it's tailored for a wide range of users.
  2. User-Centric Approach: InVideo's flexible timeline and drag & drop editor provide a seamless experience for crafting professional videos directly in the browser. Their 24/7 live customer support and vibrant Facebook Community ensure user needs are met effectively.
  3. Mobile Compatibility: InVideo is also available on mobile through the Filmr by InVideo app, allowing users to create captivating videos anytime, anywhere. The app extends the convenience of InVideo's video editing capabilities to mobile devices.

InVideo empowers content transformation into engaging videos, benefiting media companies, small businesses, and brands looking to enhance audience engagement through compelling video content. With millions of users across the globe, InVideo continues to pave the way for innovative and accessible video creation.


Pricing: Starts at $15

What users are saying?

“InVideo is my go to video creation software. Its interface makes video making really easy…I can't recommend InVideo enough.“ - Darren McAllisterDigital Marketing Creative

Indeed, video-based learning is a powerful tool for educators!

Effective video creation relies on suitable video editing software. As education evolves, integrating video editing software empowers educators to craft engaging content, enhancing the learning journey.

Among the notable software solutions, Movavi Academic Video Editing Software stands out for its tailored features that elevate teaching and learning experiences. Its user-friendly interface, absence of watermarks, and compatibility make it a perfect choice for educators.

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