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January 12, 2024

Introducing Self Review: A New Tool in Teachfloor’s Course Curriculum

Introducing Self Review: A New Tool in Teachfloor’s Course Curriculum

Teachfloor is excited to announce the launch of a new assessment tool within our course curriculum - the Self Review feature.

This innovative functionality is designed to enhance the learning process by empowering students to evaluate their own work. Self-assessment has been found to be incredibly beneficial for student learning, as supported by extensive research.

What is Self Review?

Self Review is an assessment tool that instructors can incorporate into their course curriculum. It allows students to engage in self-evaluation, fostering a deeper understanding and awareness of their own work. This tool can function independently or be linked with a submission, providing flexibility and adaptability to different teaching methodologies.

Customizable Feedback Rubric:

Self Review

Instructors have the option to tailor the self-assessment process. They can edit the feedback rubric to include various types of questions such as open-ended, numeric rating, or text scale. This customization enables instructors to align the self-assessment with specific course objectives and learning outcomes.

Process for Participants:

The process is straightforward yet impactful. Students submit their work and then, instead of evaluating their peers' submissions, they engage in self-assessment of their own work. This process is facilitated through the feedback rubric created by the instructor. Instructors can then view all the self-reviews submitted by students in the assessment page.

Benefits of Self Review:

  • Enhanced Understanding: Students gain a deeper comprehension of the subject matter through self-evaluation.
  • Critical Evaluation Skills: Engaging in self-assessment helps students develop the ability to critically analyze their own work.
  • Alignment with Grading Criteria: Students become more attuned to the grading criteria used by instructors, aiding in their overall academic development.

Scientific Research Supporting Self Review:

The significance of this feature is further underscored by the research of Philip M. Sadler and Eddie Good in "The Impact of Self-and Peer-Grading on Student Learning." This study highlights how self and peer grading positively impacts student learning outcomes, enhances critical thinking, and promotes a more active and engaged learning approach.


The introduction of the Self Review feature on Teachfloor is a step towards more interactive and self-driven learning experiences. We encourage instructors and students alike to utilize this tool to maximize the learning potential and achieve a more comprehensive understanding of course materials.

We eagerly await your feedback on this new feature and look forward to seeing the innovative ways it will be used in your courses.

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