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June 4, 2024

Quiz Enhancement: Multi-Layout, External Tools Integration & Video Feedback

Quiz Enhancement: Multi-Layout, External Tools Integration & Video Feedback

We're pleased to announce a significant update to the Teachfloor quiz experience, offering instructors a wider range of functionalities for crafting engaging and informative assessments.

External Tools or File Integration

Instructors can now incorporate custom buttons within the quiz header.

These buttons activate custom modals, providing students with direct access to embedded tools or file during the quiz.

Examples include:

  • Calculation Tools: Allow students to utilize tools like Desmos calculators for complex mathematical problems.
  • Collaborative Whiteboards: Facilitate real-time brainstorming and visual problem-solving through platforms like Miro or FigmaJam directly within the quiz.
  • Supplemental Resources: Provide immediate access to relevant PDFs, audio files, or CSV data sets for deeper understanding, all within the quiz environment.


Vertical and Horizontal Options: Instructors can now choose between a vertical layout (question above, answers below) or a horizontal layout (question on the right, answers on the left) to best suit the type of question and content being assessed. This allows for a more streamlined learning experience for students.

Text and Video Feedback

Text and Video Feedback Quiz

Instructors can now add a text or video feedback specific to each answer choice. This powerful feature allows for more targeted feedback, fostering deeper student understanding and addressing misconceptions on a question-by-question basis. Students can easily access instructor feedback by clicking an icon next to their chosen answer, creating a more interactive learning environment.

Result Delivery Options

Instructors can now choose how students receive quiz results. The new options include:

  • At Completion: Students will see their overall score and potentially a breakdown of their performance upon completing the entire quiz.
  • Immediate Feedback: Students will receive feedback after answering each question, allowing them to adjust their approach as they progress through the quiz.

We're dedicated to continuous innovation that empowers educators. These quiz improvements mark just the beginning of our commitment to improve online assessment.

Stay tuned for further exciting updates as we shape the future of learning with Teachfloor!

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