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April 23, 2024

New Checklist Activity

New Checklist Activity

We are excited to unveil the Checklist Activity, the latest addition to Teachfloor's suite of tools designed to enhance the learning experience. This new feature provides instructors and learners with a practical and flexible way to track progress and organize course tasks effectively.

What is the Checklist Activity?

The Checklist Activity is a flexible tool that allows instructors to create a structured list of any kind of tasks or preparatory steps learners need to complete before or during the course. This can include tasks within the Teachfloor platform, like completing a reading assignment or watching a video lecture, or external steps like downloading software or gathering materials.

Customizable and Flexible

One of the key features of the Checklist Activity is its adaptability. Instructors can tailor the checklist to fit the specific needs of their course or module, making it a perfect fit for various learning scenarios. Whether it’s for a step-by-step project, daily class preparations, or a comprehensive recap of necessary tasks, the checklist can be customized accordingly.

How Can Instructors Utilize the Checklist Activity?

The Checklist Activity offers a range of valuable applications, for examples:

  • Pre-Course Preparation: Create a checklist to guide learners through the steps needed to be fully prepared before diving into the course. This might include tasks such as "Download the required software," "Set up an account on the learning platform," or "Gather necessary course materials."
  • Course Navigation: Design checklists to break down course modules into manageable steps. Learners can track their progress by checking off completed tasks like "Read assigned chapters," "Complete quizzes," or "Participate in discussion forums."
  • External Tasks and Resources: Include tasks that take learners outside of Teachfloor, such as "Schedule a meeting with a mentor," "Conduct research online," or "Submit a document to the institution." This ensures a well-rounded learning experience that incorporates external resources.
  • Self-Assessment: Integrate self-reflection questions within the checklist. Learners can check off questions like "Do I feel comfortable with the prerequisite knowledge?" or "Have I gathered all the necessary materials?" This encourages them to assess their readiness and identify areas requiring additional preparation.

Benefits of Using the Checklist Activity

  • Enhanced Organization: Streamlines the management of course tasks and external preparations, ensuring that learners have a clear roadmap of what needs to be accomplished.
  • Increased Engagement: By clearly outlining the tasks and steps needed for course progression, students are more likely to engage with all aspects of the course material.

How to Use the Checklist Activity

Setting up the Checklist Activity is straightforward:

  1. Add the Checklist Activity to your course from the activity list section.
  2. Customize the list of items or steps that students need to complete.
  3. Monitor Progress: view the completion status of the listed tasks in the assessment page.

We are keen to see how our educators and learners will leverage this new feature to enhance their educational endeavors. We invite you to try the Checklist Activity in your next course setup and share your experiences with us.

Your feedback is invaluable in helping us continue to improve and tailor our tools to better meet your teaching and learning needs.

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