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October 2, 2023

Code blocks

Code blocks

Teachfloor is pleased to announce the addition of a new feature - the Editor Code Block, designed to benefit educators, coding bootcamps, and developer upskilling courses by facilitating a smoother presentation of programming-related content. Explore the functionality of this feature that streamlines code sharing and enriches the learning process.

The Editor Code Block simplifies the presentation of pre-formatted code, catering to various programming languages including JavaScript, Python, HTML, and C++. It’s a helpful tool for anyone involved in teaching or learning code.

Each code block can be assigned a specific programming language, ensuring accurate and relevant code presentation without formatting issues.

How to Use the Editor Code Block:

  1. Insert Code Block: Use the dedicated toolbar button, "Insert code block" to start.
  2. Choose the Programming Language: Select the language from the dropdown menu.
  3. Edit with Ease: Make necessary changes to your code blocks effortlessly.

The Editor Code Block is available now on Teachfloor. It’s a worthy exploration for educators and organizations focused on coding education. Start leveraging this feature to elevate your programming courses on Teachfloor today!

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