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August 30, 2023

New Certificate Element

New Certificate Element

We're excited to announce a significant enhancement to the Teachfloor platform: the introduction of the Certificate Element. This feature is a major step forward in recognizing and rewarding the hard work and achievements of learners, adding a new dimension of engagement and accomplishment to the educational journey.

Craft and Distribute Personalized CertificatesThe Certificate Element empowers instructors to design and issue certificates, providing learners with tangible proof of their achievements and newly acquired skills. This tool is not just about acknowledging effort; it's about providing a potent incentive that boosts confidence and encourages further excellence.

Getting Started with the Certificate Element:

  1. Navigate to your course, click on "Add Element," and select the Certificate Element.
  2. Personalize the certificate by adjusting the text, colors, and background images to reflect your course's unique branding and style.
  3. Determine the criteria for certificate issuance, ensuring learners complete the necessary activities to earn their recognition.

Sharing and Celebrating Achievements:

  • Once earned, learners can showcase their certificates on social media platforms, amplifying their sense of achievement.
  • They can also download their certificates as PDFs, offering flexibility in how they use and display their accolades.

The Impact of the Certificate Element:This feature not only celebrates learners' accomplishments but also enhances their motivation and engagement. It's a way to provide learners with a fulfilling sense of achievement and recognition for their dedication and hard work.

Elevate Your Courses with Custom CertificatesAre you ready to take your courses to the next level? Implement the Certificate Element and give your learners the recognition they deserve. This feature is a testament to our ongoing commitment to providing an enriching, engaging, and comprehensive learning experience on Teachfloor.

We are eager to see the innovative ways you will utilize this new feature to enhance your educational offerings and celebrate your learners' successes.

Happy teaching and empowering with the new Certificate Element!

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