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January 16, 2024

In-App File Viewer in Submission Activities

In-App File Viewer in Submission Activities

Teachfloor is excited to unveil the 'In-App File Viewer' functionality, a new feature designed to enhance the user experience for submission activities such as Peer Review and Instructor Review.

With this latest update, students and instructors can now view submitted files directly within the Teachfloor platform, streamlining the review and evaluation process.

Direct In-Platform File Viewing:

The In-App File Viewer feature supports various file types, including Audio, Spreadsheet CSV, Video, PDF, and Images.

audio file

This means that there’s no longer a need to download and open files on your computer, saving time and maintaining focus on the task at hand.


Enhanced User Experience:

This new functionality not only simplifies the process but also significantly improves the overall user experience on Teachfloor. With files readily accessible, reviewing and providing feedback on student submissions becomes more efficient for both peers and instructors.

Benefits of In-App File Viewer:

  • Convenience: Immediate file access within the platform for quick reviews.
  • Efficiency: Saves time by eliminating the steps to download and open files externally.
  • Security: Keeps all files within the secure Teachfloor environment.

:We believe the In-App File Viewer feature will greatly improve the way instructors and peers interact with submitted work. This update is part of our commitment to continuously enhance the Teachfloor platform and provide a seamless and integrated learning experience.

We welcome your feedback on this new feature and look forward to seeing how it positively impacts your teaching and learning activities on Teachfloor.

Happy teaching and learning!

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