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April 16, 2024

Announcing Sequences

Announcing Sequences

We're thrilled to announce the launch of Sequences, a powerful new feature designed to transform the way you manage and deliver engaging lessons on Teachfloor!

Sequences: Building Blocks for Effective Learning

Sequences act as pre-defined workflows that combine existing activities like submissions, peer reviews, self review, instructor review and feedback reflections.

They allow you to structure your courses logically and guide students through a well-defined learning journey that emphasizes both peer and self-evaluation.

Effortlessly Create Structured Lessons in One Click!

With Sequences, you can now create a complete learning experience with just a single click.  Here are the exciting sequence options currently available:

  • Instructor Review Sequence: Submission + Instructor Review - This streamlined sequence ensures students submit their work before receiving valuable feedback from you.
  • Peer Review Sequence: Submission + Peer Review + Feedback Reflection - Cultivate a collaborative learning environment by encouraging students to analyze and learn from constructive feedback provided by their peers.
  • Peer and Self Review Sequence: Submission + Peer Review + Self Review + Feedback Reflection - Empower students to become self-directed learners through a comprehensive sequence that combines peer and self-reflection.
  • Self Review Sequence: Submission + Self Review - Encourage students to take ownership of their learning by reflecting on their work before submitting it for your review.

Embrace Sequences and Start Building Powerful Learning Experiences Today!

We invite you to explore the new Sequences functionality and unlock a world of possibilities for your Teachfloor courses.  

Streamline your course creation, empower student learning journeys that emphasize feedback analysis, and watch your classroom flourish with the power of Sequences!

Happy teaching and learning!

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