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December 28, 2023

Datcamp Integration

Datcamp Integration

We’re excited to announce that Teachfloor now offers an integration with Datacamp, a leading platform for learning and assessing coding and data science skills. This new functionality allows instructors to incorporate Datacamp’s comprehensive assessments and external lessons directly into their Teachfloor courses

Seamless Learning and Assessment

By creating a Datacamp activity within your course, you can provide students with a direct pathway to engaging, high-quality Datacamp content. Once a student completes the activity on Datacamp, their progress and results are automatically synchronized with Teachfloor’s gradebook and progress tracking. This ensures a cohesive learning experience and eliminates the need for manual grade entry.

Why Integrate Datacamp?

  • Quality Content: Datacamp is renowned for its interactive learning modules in coding and data science.
  • Interactive Learning: Students can engage with quizzes and coding tests that complement their Teachfloor course material.
  • Unified Progress Tracking: All student progress on Datacamp activities is tracked within Teachfloor's comprehensive gradebook system.

This integration is currently available exclusively to our enterprise account holders. We believe it will add significant value to your educational offerings by making your courses more interactive and providing a seamless blend of Teachfloor and Datacamp experiences.

Get Started with Datacamp on Teachfloor

If you’re interested in leveraging Datacamp within your Teachfloor courses, please contact us for more information on enabling this for your enterprise account.

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