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November 7, 2023

Submission and Peer Review Activity

Submission and Peer Review Activity

In the world of online education, the power of peer review is indisputable. It promotes critical thinking, encourages diverse perspectives, and nurtures the art of constructive feedback—all vital aspects of effective learning. At Teachfloor, we've long recognized this, and today, we're thrilled to introduce an expansion of our peer learning activities.

Teachfloor a Peer Review LMS

We start with Submission & Peer Discussion, a feature deeply integrated into Teachfloor's peer review offerings. Within this environment, learners engage in chat-style peer reviews—an open, organic, and dynamic exchange of thoughts, observations, and insights on their peers' work. It's all about promoting free-flowing dialogues and nurturing rich idea exchange without the confines of a rubric.

In addition, we introduce today the new Submission & Peer Review. This feature brings structure to peer evaluation—a valuable asset when precise assessment and feedback alignment are paramount. Instructors can define specific questions and criteria, ensuring feedback accurately aligns with the course objectives.

Choice and Flexibility

With both Submission & Peer Discussion and Submission & Peer Review within your reach, you have the flexibility to choose the approach that best suits your course's distinct needs. Whether it's the spontaneity of discussion-based learning or the precision of structured assessment, Teachfloor provides you with the tools to create tailored and impactful learning experiences.

A Closer Look at How it Functions

The Submission & Peer Review activity seamlessly integrates into the Teachfloor platform, offering a structured approach to peer learning:

Submission Activity: Learners commence by submitting their work, which may encompass written responses or file uploads (including video, audio, or PDFs).

Peer Review: Once submissions are complete, the peer review process begins. Learners are tasked with evaluating the work of their peers. This evaluation serves a dual purpose—providing learners with the opportunity to assess others' contributions while refining their own understanding through constructive assessment.

Feedback Rubric: Instructors can tailor the peer review process by setting specific questions for reviewers to answer. These questions may range from open-ended queries to numeric ratings, text scales, yes/no responses, or informational sections. This flexibility ensures that feedback aligns precisely with the course's objectives.


Reflection: Following the peer review phase, learners engage in a reflection step. This post-review contemplation is instrumental for self-assessment and growth, enhancing the overall learning journey.

Peer Review Activity

Empowering Educators, Enriching Learning

At Teachfloor, our commitment to empowering educators and developing dynamic, interactive learning environments is unwavering. The introduction of Submission & Peer Review to our suite of peer review tools reflects our dedication to offering versatile and impactful resources for online education.

We invite you to explore these features and leverage their potential to elevate the learning journey for both instructors and students. Teachfloor remains your trusted partner in the pursuit of enriched, engaging, and effective education.

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