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February 14, 2024

Reset Student Activity

Enhance course flexibility with Teachfloor's Reset Student Activity feature, allowing students to reattempt activities for improved understanding and performance.

February 7, 2024

New Zapier Triggers & Actions

Elevate your Teachfloor experience with new Zapier Triggers & Actions, streamlining integrations and automations between Teachfloor and third-party software

February 2, 2024

New Feedback Reflection Activity

Discover Teachfloor's latest feature, the Feedback Reflection tool – a transformative assessment addition to our curriculum. Enhancing peer learning through deep reflection and constructive interaction, this tool enables students to internalize feedback for profound learning experiences. Join us in embracing this innovative approach to education.

January 22, 2024

Dark Mode

Explore Teachfloor's new Dark Mode, an optional interface feature offering a visually soothing experience with darker colors, designed for enhanced comfort and focus during your learning journey. Try it now for a tailored user experience.

January 16, 2024

In-App File Viewer in Submission Activities

Discover Teachfloor's new In-App File Viewer feature, enhancing submission activities like Peer and Instructor Reviews by allowing direct in-platform viewing of various file types, streamlining the evaluation process for a smoother user experience.

January 12, 2024

Introducing Self Review: A New Tool in Teachfloor’s Course Curriculum

Discover Teachfloor's new Self Review feature, an innovative assessment tool that enhances learning by enabling students to self-evaluate their work.

January 4, 2024

Peer Review 2.0

Explore the new Peer Review 2.0 on Teachfloor, offering independent review elements, enhanced flexibility in course design, and an improved allocation algorithm for a more engaging and fair peer assessment experience

December 28, 2023

Datcamp Integration

Elevate your online courses with Teachfloor's new Datacamp Integration, perfect for enterprise accounts looking to enhance coding and data science learning with synchronized progress tracking.