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How Georgia Audubon is Using Teachfloor to Build a Thriving Hybrid Learning Program for 2,500 Members

Find out how Georgia Audubon, a nonprofit organization focused on bird conservation, thrives in the post-pandemic by building their hybrid learning programs on Teachfloor.

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Nonprofit learning organizations are the ones that have been enormously impacted by the pandemic. In the past, in-person training is everywhere for learning organizations. Due to COVID-19, they were pushed to redesign their educational training programs into online formats.

It created numerous pros and cons for their stakeholders and internal teams. They had a chance to grow their members beyond geographical boundaries. Meanwhile, internal teams weren’t ready for this massive growth.

Georgia Audubon is just one of these nonprofit learning organizations that thrive amidst the pandemic. Due to the shift to online learning, they also transformed into a state-wide organization. The learning organization garnered 6000 individuals who took their online courses and join their membership.

In two years, they have managed to keep their learning content on Youtube and conduct their online courses on Zoom. Today, with a strategy to scale, they decided to build their learning programs in a stable, faster, and easy-to-use platform.

Here’s where Teachfloor comes in!

Did you have a similar experience with Georgia Audubon? If yes, continue reading as we are about to unlock how you can implement your educational programs into a hybrid learning model on Teachfloor.

Teachfloor's mission is to revolutionize online education by empowering  learning organizations  to create engaging and effective online courses, enabling learners to transform their skills and knowledge with a supportive community of peers.

Navigating the world of post-pandemic.

Georgia Audubon is a nonprofit focused on bird conservation, education, and community engagement. Currently, they are building an online education program called Morgan's Environmental Education Gateway using Teachfloor. They are located in Atlanta, Georgia, United States founded in 1926.

Another challenge emerged after quarantine regulations have been lifted in different countries last year. People started to travel. Students are going back to school. Individual learners reduced their screen time to go outside and meet friends. Apparently, Georgia Audubon’s enrollees went down by 60% from 6000 to 2500 learners.

And so, they needed to pivot again. This time, there are not going back to traditional training methods. Instead, they are using a hybrid learning model to make learning accessible and affordable for all.

Guided by the three pillars of their organization: bird conservation, education, and community engagement, they chose Teachfloor as a learning platform. They believe that they are able to create engaging courses that can attract potential members to join their membership program from students, teachers, and environmentalists, to bird lovers.

Figuring out a way to broaden their impact across the state and beyond.

Dottie Head, the Head of Communications at Georgia Audubon shared with us their next steps. The team wanted to figure out how to scale their education programming and build their memberships with the help of an all-in-one platform.

They found that Teachfloor’s platform was the perfect solution for scaling their education programming and building their membership base. Afte signed up, slowly, they migrated all of their learning content inside the platform .In addition to unlimited cloud storage, the platform's user-friendly interface was easy for their team to navigate, even those who were not tech-savvy. This allowed the organization to focus on creating the best possible learning experience for their stakeholders without being bogged down by technical difficulties.

Basic features that you will get when purchasing a subscription plan.

What does it look like to build a learning program on Teachfloor?

Dottie and her team are currently in the building phase. They will launch their flagship educational programs in Beta with a limited capacity this summer. Meanwhile, the full launch will be in the fall.

White Labeling Solution and Single Sign On (SSO)

teachfloor white label

One of the key benefits that Georgia Audubon found when using Teachfloor was the ability to brand their platform as their own. With Teachfloor's white-labeling solution, they were able to create a seamless and credible learning experience for their members. Additionally, Teachfloor's Single Sign On (SSO) feature was crucial for Georgia Audubon, as they wanted to provide their members with one login that was integrated with their existing CRM, Neon CRM. The Teachfloor team was able to build a custom integration with Neon CRM in just a few weeks, making the SSO process seamless for both Georgia Audubon and their members.

Some of the things that attracted us to Teachfloor is we can brand the platform, and we can work on the Single Sign On (SSO) feature as we wanted people to be able to have one login that directs on our existing database (CRM). - Dottie Head, Georgia Audubon

Fast and Responsive Customer Support

As per Dottie, the building phase has been quick and efficient. It has been super fast and Teachfloor’s team has been very responsive to all their queries and requests. This extreme support from Teachfloor has been an enormous help to Georgia Audubon’s internal team.

Dottie mentioned that they are still new to using this kind of technology. A strong support system is a game-changer for the implementation of their programs.

Filippo and the team are really quick and efficient. While we were working on the uploads and some beta testing, we encountered a couple of issues and they (Teachfloor team) were super fast and very responsive. That’s been fantastic.

I can’t say enough about how responsive they have been to our requests and how they quickly solved every issue we had. - Dottie Head, Georgia Audubon

What sets Teachfloor apart is its user-friendly platform. Georgia Audubon mentioned how easy it is to use the platform without having advanced skills in tech. This is important for nonprofits that want to focus on their core mission without worrying about technical difficulties.

By using Teachfloor, nonprofits can have an all-in-one platform with easy-to-use features that can help them build their membership and offer the best learning experience for their stakeholders.

The hybrid learning model for nonprofit organizations

One of the programs they aim to launch on Teachfloor is the Master Birder Program. It is a 6-week hybrid learning program for adults that deeps dive into bird conservation. Open for both members and non-members, the team is eager to offer this program across the state and beyond.

After several shifts in learning and education, Georgia Audubon found the perfect model to offer the best learning experience to their members. With the hybrid learning model—combining in-person and virtual learning- they could make their courses affordable, accessible, and rich with real-life experience.

Combining in-person field trips and online courses

teachfloor use case

First, they will start with a live online session. This session is about classroom presentations which will last for about an hour and a half, two nights a week.

Then, it will be followed by in-person field trips. These field trips with groups will give the participants a chance to see, feel, and hear the birds beyond watching online videos. It will enrich the learner's experience apart from learning online.

We're planning to roll out our Master Birder program in the fall using Teachfloor. Our participants who come from all across the state will log in and watch. We'll have classroom presentations which will last for about an hour and a half, two nights a week.

Hopefully, people be able to attend live. If they have a meeting or they have to travel for work or whatever, they'll be able to watch it at their own time. - Dottie Head, Georgia Audubon

Leveraging assessments through online quizzes

Along with the field trips, there will be checkpoints where they need to take a short quiz to assess how much they have learned from their experience. This approach perfectly combines experiential learning with assessment and reflection. Plus, it's leveraging the power of technology into experiencing nature for learning.

We have in person field trips. It's hard to learn about birds just by watching online videos. You've actually got to go out into the field and look at birds and listen to birds and all that. So we're rolling that out.

We'd like to make this on demand so people can sign up to take this course and there'll be a little checkpoints along the way where they can take a quiz on what they've learned so far and then there will be some options in person—options outside of the coursework to put their what they're learned to the test. - Dottie Head, Georgia Audubon

Widen your reach, broaden your impact.

Did you relate to Georgia Audubon’s story? If you are a nonprofit organization that has a similar experience, we can tell you today that it is possible to widen your reach and broaden your impact with Teachfloor.

Georgia Audubon's Mission

Celebrating its 100 years in 2026, Georgia Audubon has a mission to build places where birds and people thrive together. They are working hard enough to build connections with people between birds and birding through their educational programs.

If you have a fondness for birds, feel free to experience this bird educational program at Georgia Audubon.

Teachfloor's Mission

Teachfloor's mission is to empower and transform learning organizations with a revolutionary all-in-one platform designed to deliver effective and engaging learning experiences. Teachfloor is disrupting traditional education models and creating a more open, flexible, and innovative learning environment.

With a focus on community, cohort-based learning, and collaboration, Teachfloor provides unlimited cloud storage, a customizable white-labeling solution, and seamless integrations with popular CRMs like NeonCRM for nonprofit organizations. With Teachfloor, learning organizations of all types and sizes can thrive in the future of education, supported by a team of dedicated experts who are committed to delivering exceptional customer support.

We know that not everyone has the advanced skills to build their educational programs online, and so we are here to help and support them. We are a team of experts in the field of technology, instructional design, and digital business who are passionate about building a better online education.

For more information, book a live demo with us or sign up to start building your courses.

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