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11 Best Free Online Whiteboard Tools for Online Teaching

11 Best Free Online Whiteboard Tools for Online Teaching

One of the biggest hurdles in online teaching is making it as interactive as possible. Maybe you’ve tried different strategies. Then you realized, the best ones are always with the help of online tools. Explore these best online whiteboard tools that can make your online class engaging, fun, and interactive without spending any cents.

Choosing the right tools is actually one of the most time-consuming tasks ever. Thanks to several blog posts that listed the top & the best tools that save you hours of going into the rabbit hole and doing reviews for yourself.

In this article, we won’t just give you the list of the best online whiteboard tools available in the market. Instead, we classified them according to your needs as an online teacher and instructor. Do you need a simple yet useful online whiteboard without other extended features? Or do you need a sophisticated with a full-packed of notable features that you may never even imagine that whiteboards can do?

best online whiteboard tools for best online teaching experience
  • Simple with useful features - these are best for online teaching that only needs basic features such as annotations, sticky notes, drawings, cloud storage, sharing, and basic app integration.
  • Sophisticated with a full-packed of notable features - be creative as long as you want. Perfect for Bootcamp instructors who are teaching design, project/product management, software engineering courses, and other complex subjects that need more collaboration.

Here is the list of best online whiteboard tools based on your needs

Miro, the best online whiteboard tool for group activities

Miro as the best online whiteboard tools to integrate with Taechfloor learning platform

Miro is the most sophisticated and best online whiteboard tool for group activities not just in the classroom but also in the workplace. It’s fully packed with useful features for study sessions, project presentations, live discussions, asynchronous activities, etc. It’s easy to use and you can upload text, images, videos, and pdfs to your infinite board!

Integrate your best online whiteboard tool with Teachfloor
Integrate Miro in your Teachfloor platform

Miro can be integrated with different web apps, platforms, and online tools. If you’re conducting workshops, courses, coaching, and training—feel free to use Teachfloor and integrate Miro into your learning platform for the best online teaching experience ever!

What makes it the best?

☑️ Download on any device—and on the web
☑️ Discover 1000+ free templates for you to get started
☑️ Learn how to use the tool with Miro Academy
☑️ Miro is free for students—for 2 years and for educators—forever

What people are saying?

“Using Miro has amplified my teaching experience with levels of engagement not possible in a physical classroom. Virtual teaching has allowed me to connect students in France and Singapore for real-time and asynchronous collaboration. Even when campuses are eventually reopened, there’s still an opportunity to use Miro’s digital whiteboard in my instruction.” - Ayman Jawhar, INSEAD business school.

Stormboard, is best for large virtual classrooms

Stormboard will take your virtual classroom by storm! It allows you to collaborate with a large group of people in a shared workspace altogether. It’s the best online whiteboard tool for creating multiple boards at the same time, so if you have break-out sessions or sub-group meetings, it’s perfect to stay in sync and engage with Stormboard.

What makes it the best?

☑️ Multiple integrations of other apps, tools, and platforms
☑️ Features 200+ templates, pre-made templates, and basic reporting to ease your task
☑️ Open multiple boards in just one session
☑️ Free personal plan with 5 open storms and 5 users per Storm

What people are saying?

What would definitely anyone thinking of using Stormboard to try it for a month. I think you'll be hooked once you try it. It has engaging tools and is interactive with other members Catchballing, brainstorming, voting, sharing ideas, etc.” -Tariq Z

Whiteboard Fi, is the best online whiteboard tool to teach math!

Whiteboard Fi is created by Kahoot!—one of the best edtech companies. So, expect that this is one of the best online whiteboard tools to use in online teaching with its cool features like Kahoot!. Just like Kahoot! games, students just need to scan a QR code to get started and get their individual digital whiteboards using their mobile devices.

What makes it the best?

☑️ Individual digital whiteboard for students
☑️ Teachers can see what happening in their student’s digital whiteboards in real time
☑️ Perfect for interactive quizzes, assessments, icebreakers, etc
☑️ Upload PDFs, allows drawing, math editor, graphs, emojis, etc
☑️ Free to use for temporary rooms without registration

What people are saying?

“The best thing about using Whiteboard is that it provides an effective visual for diverse learners and that it also allows me to check for understanding” -Tonya Peebles, SpEd Math Teacher

EduCreations, the best tool for live streaming and on-the-go online teaching

EduCreations is the best online whiteboard tool for on-the-go online teaching that allows you to record your voice and iPad screens while explaining complex topics. Students can replay the recordings afterward. Another feature is you can conduct live streams to make your lesson more engaging and easy to understand.

What makes it the best?

☑️ Allows you to annotate, animate, and narrate your content
☑️ Shoot videos or create online learning sessions anywhere you are
☑️ Free plan to record & share lessons

What people are saying?

“Educreations allows students to access and explore language on their own terms and in their own time. My students love the videos and are always asking for more.” - Dave Young, High School Spanish Teacher

Explain Everything, best for explanation videos

Explain Everything is the best online whiteboard tools for explanation videos
Explain Everything

Explain Everything was awarded as Apple App Store Best of 2020 Leading the Classroom. So no wonder they are one of the best online whiteboard tools for online teaching and explaining the comprehensive topic to your students. It’s perfect for hybrid models where you can easily share and record videos both in live sessions and asynchronous learning.

What makes it the best?

☑️ Can annotate diagrams, scribbles, drawings, illustrations, etc
☑️ Integrations with LMSs and video software tools like Zoom and Google Meet
☑️ Has a simple interface perfect for teachers to learn how to use it fast
☑️ Free plan is available with basic features

What people are saying?

"Nowadays, the company works with over 100 tutors who record their explanation videos in Explain Everything. The videos are watched daily by over 9 thousand students.” -Salman Al-Mutawa, Baims

LucidSpark, is best for collaborative activities

LucidSpark as the best online whiteboard tool

LucidSpark is one of the best online whiteboard tools that is used by corporations as well as teachers, educators, course creators, and Bootcamp instructors. With its notable feature of “breakout boards”, you’re not just breaking rooms in Zoom but LucidSpark lets you break out boards for group and collaborative activities. It’s making your class more creative, engaging, and fun! You will never go wrong with LucidSpark!

What makes it the best?

☑️ Perfect to increase student engagement through interactive games and icebreakers
☑️ Over 500+ templates to ease your task
☑️ Powerful integrations with other tools and apps
☑️ Free plan with 3 editable boards and basic features
☑️ Features you’ve never seen before like breakout boards, timer, voting in one infinite online whiteboard tool

Ziteboard, is best for real-time collaboration

Ziteboard is a minimalist, uncomplicated online whiteboard with notable features that work on any device. Its sleek, clean, and intuitive design help teachers and instructors of all ages to make online teaching interactive. If you need something simple, better yet use Ziteboard in your online class.

What makes it the best?

☑️ Integrate board chat with audio and video capabilities
☑️ Export the whiteboard as an image or PDF
☑️ Sleek, clean and intuitive design without a steep learning curve
☑️ White-labeling service for large institutions and online academies
☑️ Customizable boards for events
☑️ Free forever with 3 boards and basic features

Microsoft Whiteboard, best for Microsoft 365 users

Microsoft Whiteboard is a free whiteboard tool from Microsoft365. If you’re already using Microsoft365 then it’s perfect for your online teaching experience. Like Google Jamboard, it’s a cloud-based tool and can integrate seamlessly with Microsoft apps. Its features are as simple as a physical whiteboard where you can put sticky notes, images, and shapes to help instructors make their online teaching engaging while using Microsoft apps.

What makes it the best?

☑️ Cloud-based tool for a seamless online teaching experience
☑️ Perfect for in-classroom and remote learning
☑️ Integrates with Microsoft 365
☑️ Free with Microsoft 365 plans

Zoom Board, best for Zoom users!

Zoom Board is a built-in feature of the Zoom video conferencing app. It allows basic features such as annotation, and drawings, while you’re presenting to the whole class, making your class activity engaging without using another tool than Zoom.

To use it, make sure you have the recent version of Zoom. Then, click on the “whiteboard” at the bottom of your screen and start sharing it with the class. Zoom also saves your whiteboard automatically which makes it the best online whiteboard tool on this planet!

What makes it the best?

☑️ No need to use other tools if you’re using Zoom as a video conferencing too
☑️ Let you annotate, draw, put text, and sticky notes, on your board
☑️ Over 32+ free templates to use
☑️ Absolutely free to use if you have a Zoom account

Google Jamboard, is best for online & on-site teaching

Google Jamboard works well with any other Google products such as Gsuite, Google Classroom, and Google for Education. With its super mega physical 55-inch cloud-powered digital whiteboard, it’s the best whiteboard tool for on-site teaching and meetings. It’s simple to use and is available on mobile devices.

What makes it the best?

☑️ New ways to collaborate with its physical 55-inch cloud-powered digital whiteboard
☑️ Lets you save your boards in a cloud storage
☑️ Easy to download images, and videos from Gsuite (docs, sheets, slides)
☑️ The app is absolutely free, but the physical board cost $4,999

What people are saying?

“With tools for creativity and curation like Jamboard, all students can find the answers and present them just as a teacher would. It gives every student a voice regardless of their level.” -Steven Hope, Head of Independent Learning, Leeds City College - the simplest whiteboard on the web

Whiteboard is the simplest shareable online whiteboard tool that’s easy to use on the spot. It was upvoted 4k times in Product Hunt and garnered the 1st product of the month, of the week, and of the day! Surely, Witeboard is the coolest, simplest online whiteboard tool created on the web.

What makes it the best?

☑️ Feel free to use it on the spot, on your browser
☑️ Shareable, with an uncomplicated design and easy-to-use interface
☑️ Plugins are available for Slack and other apps
☑️ Free for everyone!

What people are saying?

Very impressed with first version launch. The Slack plugin is super handy, so you can launch a new board with just a command. Right now, they seem to be having their servers overloaded, so load times are very long. This is a good thing though :) Congrats team, well done 👏🏼” -Reony Tonneyck, Product Hunt voter

Using the best online whiteboard tools is always a great idea for a fun, interactive classroom experience

Don’t miss the fun part of teaching by using the right tools to make your class interactive and engaging. Tools are here to help us improve on what we do best, and it shouldn’t be that complicated at all. I hope this list helps you choose the best tool for your virtual classroom.

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