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8 Best EdTech Blogs to Follow in 2022

8 Best EdTech Blogs to Follow in 2022

According to Holon IQ, the global EdTech industry has the potential to reach the $404 Billion benchmark by 2025. This trend comes after the prolonged Covid crisis. Where the pandemic has left the global economy in tatters, it has provided an unexpected advantage to the EdTech industry. Given its popular demand, more and more people are now following various EdTech blogs. With so many options available online it can get confusing when deciding on which blog to follow. This is why I have compiled this list of top EdTech blogs that everyone must follow in 2021.

Best EdTech Blogs 2021

What is EdTech?

Before we proceed with the list, let's take a proper look at the word 'EdTech'. Short for Education Technology, Investopedia defines EdTech as "Hardware and software designed to enhance teacher-led learning in classrooms and improve students' education outcomes".

Simply put, it is the practice of introducing the latest technological tools to improve learning. Over the years, teaching has gone through multiple transitions - from traditional classroom learning to MOOCs and online cohort-based learning. This is all due to the inclusion of EdTech tools. Not only has it made learning more efficient but also taken away some burdens from instructors.

Benefits of EdTech

There are innumerable benefits of EdTech but one can only list so many in an article. Following are some of the top perks that EdTech has to offer.

1. Learn 24/7

Undoubtedly, a major benefit that EdTech offers is the ability to learn whenever wherever. With the help of cloud storage and direct communication tools. one can access teaching material at all times and contact instructors easily. All you require is a computer and a good internet connection, and you are good to go.

2. Ability to scale your teaching

With traditional classrooms, there is a limit to how many students a teacher can accommodate at once. Thanks to the advancements in education, instructors can now scale their courses easily. Where once you could only teach up t0 25-30 students per class, now you can increase that number manifold. Especially with asynchronous learning that does not require real-time interaction, one can enroll as many as hundreds of people in a course.

3. Better individualized learning

As everyone has the freedom to design their own personalized schedules, learners can study at their own pace. In this sense, EdTech breaks away from the traditional one-size-fits-all approach of learning. By using options like individual lesson plans, one can have an exclusive learning experience. Moreover, tools like video calls and direct messaging also enable one-on-one interaction with instructors. This leads to greater student-teacher interaction and better learning.

4. Greater classroom management

Keeping a record of student data, teaching material, and creating lesson plans can be extremely challenging. EdTech provides that extra assistance to teachers in managing their classes. They no longer need to worry about carrying heavy files to keep records. Everything is now digital. With just a click, they can design and manage their classes.

5. Learn globally

The advent of the Internet has made the world a global village. Nowhere does it become more obvious than in the E-learning industry. People can learn from anywhere in the world without even leaving the confines of their homes. It provides the exclusive opportunity to build connections with people from all over the world and to learn from them. It diversifies your thinking and makes you a global citizen.

Must follow EdTech blogs of 2021



EdSurge was founded in 2011 to connect emerging EdTech entrepreneurs with educators. The aim had been to 'bridge information gaps' between change-makers and those who served. Led by Betsy Corcoran, the platform has grown from a newsletter to a newsroom and finally become this EdTech giant.

The platform is at the forefront of reporting changing dynamics within the domain of learning. It is responsible for conducting thorough researches and analysis regarding upcoming educational trends. Alongside, it highlights stories of educators, entrepreneurs, and researchers in hopes of providing equitable learning for all. EdSurge has won several awards for its brilliant performance.

As of 2019, the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) has taken over EdSurge. It serves as an independent research extension for ISTE.

eLearning Industry


Since its inception in 2012 by founder Christopher Pappas, eLearning has been working to share valuable learning content. It is a leading publishing platform that caters to EdTech specialists and entrepreneurs, providing clients with quality materials. Currently, eLearning boasts close to 1 million visitors each month.

The platform's key roles include providing online market solutions to EdTech professionals, assist E-learning entrepreneurs in growing their ventures, and sharing the latest trends with corporate training buyers. Moreover, it also helps people in generating quality leads for their sites. eLearning is truly your one-stop shop for EdTech solutions.



Edutopia is the project of the George Lucas Educational Foundation. The platform came into being back in 1991 upon the vision of an award-winning filmmaker, George Lucas. The platform's primary aim is to transform K-12 (primary and secondary) education so that every student gets an equal opportunity to learn in an efficient environment. Experts at Edutopia believe that the key to the survival of the human race is quality education. Therefore, the place focuses on furthering 3 life skills:

  1. The ability to find fact-based information,
  2. To access quality information,
  3. And to utilize that information to achieve goals.

Edutopia incorporates 6 transformational strategies to turn its vision into a reality. These include project-based learning, social & emotional learning, comprehensive assessment, teacher development. integrated studies and technology integration. In addition to this, Lucas Education Research conducts rigorous research along with leading experts to profoundly impact the education sector.



Teachfloor is a platform to build your online live academy. Its mission is to provide every instructor with the ultimate opportunity to kick-start their own virtual cohort-based course business with just a click. For this reason, the platform comes integrated with tools like Zoom. Stripe, Google Calendar, analytics dashboard, peer review facility, exclusive multi-instructor feature, and much more.

Furthermore, with Teachfloor instructors can design specialized curriculum for the individual cohorts. The space also provides the flexibility to incorporate synchronous and asynchronous learning techniques for better learning outcomes.

Teachfloor's EdTech blog covers all the ins and outs of cohort-based learning. Besides, it also has you covered on topics concerning course pricing and course setup strategies. If you are looking for some solid EdTech advice, make sure to pay this blog a visit.


Newsela - EdTech blogs

Newsela is a platform that is striving to provide a 'meaningful classroom learning experience for every student'. Given its remarkable performance over the years, it has been named one of 'The Most Innovative Companies' and 'The Fastest Growing Tech Companies' by Fast and Deloitte.

Much like other EdTech blogs, the platform is full of insightful and helpful articles that cover anything to everything concerning E-learning. Accordingly, the content available on the site is authentic - based on real-life experiences, and per the WCAG AA guidelines to ensure content standards. More than 20 texts are published every day ranging from several genres to assist professionals. Undoubtedly, these fascinating points make this blog worth checking.

Forte Labs

Forte Labs - EdTech blogs

Forte Labs is a leading education company with clients like Toyota and Nestle. It reports its mission as 'To train knowledge workers in how to use technology to radically improve their productivity.' The company happens to be an initiative of Tiago Forte - the world's foremost expert on productivity. Forte has taught over twenty thousand individuals worldwide.

The platform has a wide array of tools to equip knowledge experts with professional skills. These include online courses, live workshops, blogs, and videos. This EdTech blog - the Praxis blog - is particularly special as it is managed by Tiago himself. Surely, to be able to learn first-hand from such a powerhouse personality is a rare privilege.


Docebo - EdTech blogs

Although the roots of Docebo were planted back in 2005 by founder Claudio Erba in Italy, it was not until 2019 that the platform made space for itself on the world map. This success was a result of Docebo's LMS launch. Soon after, the company has set up its offices all over the world -from France to Canada, Dubai, and the UK.

Docebo's primary goal is to provide opportunities not only to subject matter experts but also to amateur content creators to create top-notch E-learning content. For this reason, the platform embodies 6 core values: simplicity, accountability, togetherness, curiosity, innovation, and impact. It has been creating products that tackle new-age learning challenges. Their blog 'Learning Culture Magazine' is one such attempt at making that happen.



Last but certainly not the least in our list of top EdTech blogs is Teachable. Priorly known as Fedora, the company was Ankur Nagpal's idea. Born in 2013, it eventually took the name 'Teachable'. It is an all in-in-one platform that enables entrepreneurs, content creators, and SMEs to create and sell their online courses or coaching businesses hassle-free.

Over the course of few years, the company has amassed up to 100,000 creators as its users. Due to its easy-to-use interface, experts flock to this site to share their knowledge with others who require their guidance. Particularly, Teachable's blog is packed with a great number of quality articles written by leading experts to help assist others. Whatever your E-learning concern maybe, this blog has your back.


This is all for the list of top EdTech blogs. Educational technology has completely transformed the landscape of learning. With the latest teaching techniques and launches of new tools, learning has become more quick and efficient, not to forget - fun. However, as with any industry, new people are attracted to the field and want to learn strategies to launch their careers.

These EdTech blogs act like saviors where experts come together to share their knowledge and experience in hope of guiding newcomers with vital tips and tricks that they need to excel. If you are also someone who is looking to launch and expand their career as an E-learning professional or if you are simply a learner hoping to get insights into the EdTech industry, make sure to pay these blogs a visit and stay up-to-date on the latest E-learning trends.

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