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October 25, 2023

Tag Activity

Tag Activity

Imagine tags as dynamic labels, allowing educators to categorize learners based on their unique attributes and preferences. Whether you're a corporate trainer aiming to tailor content to different roles within a company or an academic instructor managing multiple cohorts, tags make it all seamlessly manageable.

Here's how this feature amplifies learning:

Cohort Differentiation: Delivering the same course to diverse student groups? Ensure there's no unintentional overlap during peer interactions. Tags ensure clarity and relevance.

Topic Synergy: Consider students exploring related research areas. How convenient if they could collaborate seamlessly? Tags bridge this gap, fueling dialogues and collaborations around common themes.

Personalized Learning Paths: Envision modifying your content to resonate with a learner's specific position in a firm. Tags make this customization effortless for educators.

How It Works

The Tag activity allow students the autonomy to pick from tags pre-set by their instructors. Once chosen, this tag becomes a part of their course participant profile.

While the default setting lets students to complete the activity after selecting a tag, instructor can edit these settings. They can determine if choosing a tag is mandatory for task completion or if it's optional.

How to Set It Up:

  • Add a new element from the curriculum page.
  • Select the Tag Activity.
  • Give it a name and description.
  • Create new tags or choose from a list of existing tags.
  • Determine the number of tags learners can select.
  • Choose whether tag selection is mandatory or optional for completing the activity.

With the new Tag activity, personalized learning has never been more accessible, allowing educators to create engaging and highly relevant learning experiences that drive better outcomes for learners.