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September 30, 2023

Introducing Tags

Introducing Tags

Today, we're thrilled to unveil a game-changer for educators and learners: Tags have officially arrived on Teachfloor!

With this brand-new feature, instructors gain the ability to create and assign tags to students, opening up a world of possibilities for personalized learning experiences.

Tags - Teachfloor

Here's a sneak peek at the incredible capabilities of Tags on Teachfloor:

Get started by heading to the member page, where you'll find the new Tag column. Here, instructors can seamlessly create tags and assign them to students, all from one centralized location. It's a breeze to use, whether you're adding tags individually or streamlining the process for multiple students at once using our bulk editing mode.

With Tags, instructors and administrators can tailor the learning experience to individual learners or specific groups. Whether you want to differentiate content for beginners and advanced students or create custom learning paths, Tags provide the flexibility to do so seamlessly.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of Teachfloor Tags is their ability to serve as visibility rules. Instructors can decide precisely which modules or elements are visible to specific Tags. This opens up endless opportunities for tailoring content to meet diverse learner needs.

A Real-World Scenario

Imagine you're an instructor gearing up to teach a course with multiple cohorts—Spring and Autumn. You want to provide specific lessons and elements to each cohort at the right time. This is where Teachfloor Tags come into play.

tag option

🌱 Spring CohortYou create a "Spring Cohort" Tag and assign it to all the students who will attend the course during the Spring term. With Tag-based visibility rules, you can ensure that these students only access the content tailored for the Spring session, keeping their learning experience relevant and on track.

🍂 Autumn CohortSimilarly, you set up an "Autumn Cohort" Tag for the students joining your course in the Autumn. By associating this Tag with the Autumn students, you can effortlessly control which lessons and elements they see, aligning the course content with their specific timeline.

With Teachfloor Tags, managing multiple cohorts and delivering a personalized learning journey becomes a breeze. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all courses and welcome tailored education experiences for each group of students.

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