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November 6, 2023

New Video Options: Transcript, Subtitles and Playback Speed

New Video Options: Transcript, Subtitles and Playback Speed

In our continuous quest to enhance your online learning journey, we are thrilled to unveil the latest enhancements to our video functionalities. These new features are designed to provide a more flexible, inclusive, and personalized learning experience.

1. Autogenerated Video Transcript and SubtitlesTo make our educational content more inclusive and accessible, we've introduced an automatic transcript and subtitle generation feature for uploaded videos. This advancement is particularly beneficial for learners with hearing impairments and for those who prefer reading along with the video. It's a step forward in making learning accessible to everyone, regardless of their learning needs.

2. Customizable Playback Speed ControlsRecognizing the diverse pace at which different learners absorb information, we've added playback speed controls to our video player. Learners can now adjust video speed to suit their learning style, with options ranging from 0.5x for slower-paced learning, up to 2x for faster reviews. This feature ensures that each learner can engage with video content at a comfortable and effective pace.

A More Dynamic Video Learning ExperienceThese new functionalities – autogenerated transcripts and subtitles, along with customizable playback speed – empower both educators and learners to engage with video content in a way that best suits their individual needs. We believe these enhancements will significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of learning through video on Teachfloor.

As always, we are eager to hear your feedback on these new video options and look forward to seeing how they enrich your teaching and learning experiences.

Embrace these new tools and transform the way you interact with video content on Teachfloor!

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