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February 26, 2024

New Submission Options

New Submission Options

Teachfloor is excited to announce a significant update to our course management system that further enhances the flexibility and functionality of assignment submissions. This update introduces "Submission Options," a feature designed to empower instructors with more control over how students submit their assignments.

What are Submission Options?

Submission Options is a new feature that allows instructors to customize the submission process for assignments within their courses. Recognizing the diverse needs of different courses and assessments, we have expanded the submission capabilities to offer instructors the option to specify how students can submit their work.

Key Update: File-Only Submissions

A standout addition to the Submission Options is the ability for instructors to allow students to submit assignments exclusively through file uploads. This marks a departure from the previous requirement that submissions include textual content, addressing the need for greater versatility in assignment types. Whether it's a video presentation, an audio recording, or a document such as a PDF or spreadsheet, instructors can now tailor the submission process to best fit the assessment criteria.

Why This Update Matters

This update is particularly useful for courses that rely heavily on non-textual assessments. Instructors teaching subjects that involve multimedia presentations, data analysis, or artistic portfolios, for example, can now streamline the submission process to focus solely on file uploads. This not only simplifies the submission procedure for students but also ensures that the evaluation process is aligned with the specific objectives of the assignment.

  • Enhanced Flexibility: Instructors can design assignments that are more closely aligned with the learning objectives of their course.
  • Simplified Submission Process: Students benefit from a clear and straightforward submission process, removing any confusion about how to submit their work.
  • Diverse Assessment Opportunities: This update supports a wider range of assessment types, accommodating various teaching strategies and learning styles.

The introduction of Submission Options, featuring the ability to specify file-only submissions, is a testament to Teachfloor's ongoing commitment to providing a versatile and user-friendly online learning environment. We are eager to see how instructors leverage this new functionality to enhance their courses and how it will improve the overall learning experience for students.

As always, we welcome your feedback on this new feature and look forward to supporting your teaching endeavors with continuous platform enhancements.