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July 15, 2023

Introducing LaTeX Support

Introducing LaTeX Support

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest functionality - LaTeX Support! With this powerful addition, educators and learners can now seamlessly integrate complex mathematical expressions into their content, making the teaching and learning experience even more enriching.

LaTeX is a widely used typesetting system, specifically designed for the creation of technical and scientific documents. With the introduction of LaTeX Support in Teachfloor, we are empowering educators to enhance their course material by incorporating mathematical expressions, equations, and symbols with ease. Learners can also use LaTeX in their submissions, ensuring precision and clarity when communicating mathematical ideas.

Using LaTeX in Teachfloor:

Instructors: While creating course content, instructors can simply access the editor and utilize LaTeX commands to insert mathematical expressions. With real-time preview, instructors can instantly see how the expressions will appear to learners.

Learners: When completing assignments or submission, learners can leverage LaTeX to present their mathematical solutions. The seamless integration of LaTeX ensures a smooth experience, enabling learners to focus on the subject matter.