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April 8, 2024

Full-Width and Custom Aspect Ratio

Full-Width and Custom Aspect Ratio

Instructors on Teachfloor now have expanded control over embedded elements within their courses. This update introduces the ability to customize both the aspect ratio and display width of embedded content, providing greater flexibility in course design and presentation.

Full-Width Option

Now, instructors can choose the "full width" option, allowing embedded content to fill the width of the lesson area, maximizing the available space for student focus.

Tailored Aspect Ratio for Optimal Viewing

Another exciting addition is the ability to adjust the aspect ratio of embedded elements. This allows instructors to precisely tailor the display to perfectly match the specific dimensions and format of their embedded content, ensuring optimal viewing for students.

Embrace Flexibility in Your Course Design

Start exploring the exciting possibilities of customizable embed options on Teachfloor. Experiment with full-width displays and tailored aspect ratios to create visually appealing and effective learning experiences for your students. This update applies to both existing and future embeds within your Teachfloor courses.

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