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7 Best Healthcare LMS Software in 2023

Discover the 12 best healthcare LMS software for 2023. Streamline training, enhance compliance, and save time with these top platforms.

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As a healthcare professional, you understand the importance of staying compliant with industry regulations and continuously improving your skills. However, traditional training methods may not always align with your busy schedule and non-traditional work environment. That's where a robust Learning Management System (LMS) comes into play. By transitioning your training programs online, you can revolutionize your approach to compliance and employee development.

With numerous LMS options available, we've done the research for you. After careful evaluation of features and user reviews, we've curated a list of the top 7 LMS systems specifically tailored for the healthcare industry. By leveraging any of these platforms, you can optimize your training efforts, ensure regulatory compliance, and maximize your valuable time and resources.

Investing in the right LMS empowers you to provide efficient and flexible training solutions for your healthcare workforce. Seamlessly transition from traditional methods to a digital learning environment, enabling your employees to access training materials anytime, anywhere. Stay on top of compliance guidelines and regulatory changes with ease, while also enhancing employee development and fostering a culture of continuous learning.

Embrace the future of healthcare training with the right LMS by your side. Streamline your training processes, elevate your compliance efforts, and empower your healthcare professionals to thrive in an ever-evolving industry. Let us guide you towards the best LMS options designed to meet the unique needs of the healthcare sector.

List of the top 7 healthcare LMS software in 2023

Here you will see the 12 best healthcare LMS software in 2023:

1. Teachfloor - All-rounder healthcare LMS software

healthcare LMS software in 2023
Straightaway source: Teachfloor

Designed specifically for healthcare organizations, Teachfloor offers a comprehensive suite of features to optimize training and development in the industry.

With Teachfloor, healthcare professionals can access a wide range of tailored learning materials and resources. From interactive courses to engaging multimedia content, Teachfloor ensures an immersive and effective learning experience for all learners.

What sets Teachfloor apart is its focus on collaboration and engagement. Through live lessons, interactive discussions, and peer-to-peer feedback, healthcare professionals can actively participate in the learning process, enhancing knowledge retention and skill development.

Teachfloor's intuitive interface and user-friendly design make it easy to navigate and customize the learning environment. Administrators have full control over course creation, progress tracking, and learner management, streamlining the training process and maximizing efficiency.


Engage and Connect: Foster collaboration and knowledge sharing with Teachfloor's built-in community space. Create a vibrant learning community where healthcare professionals can connect, discuss, and learn from each other.

Brand Your Platform: Establish your organization's identity with Teachfloor's white-label and custom domain options. Seamlessly integrate the platform into your existing brand and create a cohesive learning environment.

Effortless Scheduling: Simplify module scheduling with Teachfloor's intuitive interface. Easily organize and manage your training modules, ensuring a smooth and streamlined learning journey for your healthcare professionals.

Integrate Seamlessly: Expand the capabilities of your healthcare LMS by leveraging Teachfloor's multiple integrations. Connect with popular tools and systems to enhance the learning experience and streamline administrative tasks.

Enhance Learning Quality: Foster growth and improvement through peer review and instructor review features. Enable constructive feedback and collaboration among healthcare professionals, elevating the overall learning quality.

Secure Payment Processing: Simplify payment processes with Teachfloor's seamless integration with Stripe. Enable hassle-free payment transactions for course enrollment and subscriptions.

Exceptional Support: Rely on Teachfloor's dedicated customer support team to assist you every step of the way. Benefit from prompt and reliable assistance to ensure a smooth experience for both administrators and learners.


  • No mobile app features
  • E-commerce for coaching packages is unavailable.

Pricing: $69/month, live demo call, and 14-day free trial

2. Tovuti LMS

Healthcare LMS
Straightaway source: Tovuti

Tovuti LMS is another LMS that can be used as medical education software solution. It offers a user-friendly interface, extensive customization options, and straightaway integrations to augment its functionalities. Moreover, With a wide range of content formats supported, including live sessions, Tovuti LMS facilitates an immersive and engaging learning experience.


One notable benefit of this platform is its certificate management feature, enabling efficient compliance tracking. Additionally, the platform provides basic eCommerce functionalities, allowing you to monetize your courses if desired.

  • eCommerce capabilities
  • Helpful customer support
  • Easy to use
  • Gamification


  • Basic quiz functionality
  • Expensive
  • Limited reporting system

Pricing: Custom pricing, $775 for 50 users with $2.5k setup fees.

3. TalentLMS

Straightaway source: TalentLMS

TalentLMS is a user-friendly healthcare LMS (Learning Management System) that offers an affordable pricing structure. It stands out as a leading choice among healthcare professionals due to its remarkable reliability, garnering widespread acclaim and recommendations from numerous businesses in the industry.

With TalentLMS, you can create your online courses from the ground up or opt for pre-existing content in its extensive resource library, encompassing various courses explicitly designed for medical professionals.


TalentLMS distinguishes itself as an intuitive platform, adeptly automating arduous tasks such as course assignments. Moreover, it excels in certificate and compliance management, enabling users to send automatic reminders upon certificate expiration effortlessly.

  • Free plan (up to 5 users)
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Compliance management
  • Gamification


  • Limited community feature
  • Difficulties with page 
  • Limited eCommerce capabilities

Pricing: $89/month, also comes with a free plan.

4. Auzmor Learn

Straightaway source: Auzmor

Auzmor Learn is an effective medical staff training software solution, distinguished by its intuitive nature. Its user-friendly and sleek user interface basically eliminates the need for specialized training. Moreover, it offers open enrollment capabilities, robust reporting functionalities, and automated, scheduled reporting.

However, it is worth noting that Auzmor Learn needs to include a certificate builder, which may pose challenges in tracking compliance for larger organizations. Nevertheless, it remains a favorable choice for smaller healthcare providers.


Auzmor Learn offers a user-friendly interface, facilitating synchronous and asynchronous learning experiences. Additionally, it allows seamless integration with external course content providers.

  • Responsive customer support
  • In-depth reporting
  • Sufficient assessment options
  • User roles


  • Limited customization
  • Limited branding

Pricing: Azumor charges on your needs. Moreover, It doesn’t have any set pricing plan on its website.

5. MedTrainer

Straightaway source: MedTrainer

MedTrainer is a healthcare LMS (Learning Management System) software designed to meet the diverse learning needs of healthcare professionals. It offers a range of pre-built courses that cover important aspects such as onboarding and compliance. These courses can also be easily customized to align with the specific requirements of organizations.

Additionally, the platform allows users to import their own courses or training materials, facilitating the integration of existing resources. Moreover, MedTrainer's dedicated training team is available for organizations seeking a more personalized approach to creating custom courses tailored to their unique needs.


MedTrainer, as a medical education software, effectively caters to the vital training requirements of healthcare organizations basically by providing a comprehensive set of features. These features also encompass certificate management, learning analytics, and a Gradebook, enabling healthcare organizations to streamline training processes.

  • Off-the-shelf interactive courses
  • Certificate management
  • Robust reporting
  • Gradebook


  • Some glitches with courses and reporting
  • Slow customer support

Pricing: MedTrainer has not mentioned its pricing on its website. However, you can request it.

6. Dossier

Straightaway source: Dossier

Dossier is an advanced cloud-based healthcare LMS software. It efficiently streamlines skills development across healthcare organizations through real-time reporting, providing valuable insights into employee progress. Moreover, Dossier offers a curated selection of third-party online courses, carefully categorized for seamless assignment to individuals based on their specific needs.


The platform boasts an intuitive interface and a standout "One Dashboard" feature, empowering administrators with a comprehensive overview of company-wide competency at a glance.

  • Real-time reporting
  • Ready-made content
  • Reminders


  • No community
  • No customization

Pricing: The pricing details for Dossier are not openly displayed on their website. However, To obtain a quote, it is necessary to directly reach out to them through the provided contact channels.

7. Absorb LMS

Straightaway source: Absorb LMS

Absorb LMS is an exceptional hospital Learning Management System (LMS) with a user-friendly interface for administrators and end users. This intuitive platform also facilitates blended learning programs, accommodating multimedia content, responsive design, and seamless integrations. Powered by AI, Absorb LMS also aids in administrative tasks and offers personalized suggestions to enhance the learning experience.


Absorb LMS fosters social learning and incorporates gamification elements to enhance user engagement. Furthermore, it offers a comprehensive content library comprising pre-built materials from reputable third-party providers, encompassing various medical courses and resources.

  • White-labeling
  • AI-powered
  • Content Library
  • Certificate management


  • Limited reporting functionality
  • Limited learner assessments
  • Slow customer support

Pricing: Absorb LMS pricing is not listed on their website. However, you need to contact them to get the pricing for your needs.

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Frequently asked questions about healthcare LMS software - FAQs.

1. What is LMS in healthcare?

A healthcare Learning Management System (LMS) is a vital platform for healthcare professionals, enabling the storage of pertinent learning materials and facilitating real-time sessions. While healthcare-specific LMS solutions exist, several options in the market effectively meet these needs, provided they include the following essential features:

  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Multiple assessment options
  • A Gradebook
  • Certificate builder and management
  • Responsive design

2. What is a medical content management system?

A medical CMS is a software that manages website content, optimizing data processing and document dissemination. It also enhances user experience by streamlining content management, ensuring accurate information delivery, and maximizing engagement for healthcare organizations.

3. What is an LMS vs. CMS? 

The abbreviations LMS (also known as learning management system) and CMS (also known as content management system) reveal the purpose behind each platform. An LMS is chiefly tailored for hosting, managing, and delivering e-learning content. In contrast, a CMS is a versatile platform capable of handling diverse forms of online content beyond e-learning materials.

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