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7+ Best Alternatives to Maven Learning

Do you aspire to turn your hard-earned knowledge into a course? But then you also want to grow it into an online academy? Here are 7+ Best Alternatives to Maven Learning.

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 Do you aspire to turn your hard-earned knowledge into a course that students love? But then you also want to grow it into an online academy with your own brand and community? I’ve listed the 7+ Best Alternatives to Maven Learning that you can explore.

What is Maven?

Maven Learning Alternatives

Maven is the most popular cohort-based course marketplace on the internet. Founded by Wes Kao and Gagan Biyani who are both experts in the field of education, they created Maven to build the university of the future.

They believe that community is the core of learning online which inhibits cohort-based learning. Therefore, they created a space where experts and celebrity creators can teach their hard-earned knowledge in a collaborative, transformational experience.

Truly, Maven has its fair share of disrupting how we learn and teach online. However, it’s still limited in building and scaling online academies that are run by the experts themselves.

Why should you look for Maven Learning alternatives?

Maven is great at what they do. However, it’s not for everyone. If you are a knowledge worker, edupreneur, subject matter expert, or creator who wants to build your online academy, Maven isn’t for you. Here’s why:

❌ There’s a high barrier to entry in using Maven’s platform and teaching in Maven Learning. You need to apply to their Course Accelerator Program before building your course.

❌ They lack the scalability features to run your own online academy as you can’t add multiple instructors or operators to their platform.

❌ There’s no white labeling on your course landing page. You can’t put up your own brand.

❌ Community features are limited to direct messaging and channels.

❌ You don’t own the platform, so they will have a cut of 10% commission from your revenue.

Here are 7+ Best Alternatives to Maven Learning


Your best learning platform to scale your cohort-based course

Alternatives to Maven Learning

Teachfloor is a learning platform designed to build and scale your cohort-based courses. Unlike Maven, Teachfloor allows course creators, experts, edupreneurs, and even organizations & companies to grow their online academies.

It brings all together everything you need to build & scale your cohort-based courses—from white-labeling solutions, learning community, and notable features to help you scale with affordable pricing.

Top Features

✅ White-labeling solution to create your own brand and platform
✅ Peer review and instructors review to increase the collaborative learning experience in your virtual classroom
✅ Zapier, Zoom & other app integrations
✅ Built-in community space
✅ Easy & automated collection of payments through Stripe integration
✅ Customer priority support & live demo
✅ Comprehensive cohort-based course templates to have an easy start
✅ Free education on how to start & scale your cohort-based course
✅ Affordable Pro plan that helps you scale fast

Pricing: Pro Plan - $59/month with unlimited students, unlimited courses, unlimited file storage, and lets you add up to 4 instructors. Sign up now for a 15-day trial plan

Mighty Networks

Unlocking a new breed of culture creators

Mighty Networks as an alternative to Maven Learning
Mighty Networks

Mighty Networks is one of the leading platforms for online communities where you can bring courses, and memberships, and connect your members under your own brand on mobile and web apps. It’s a good alternative for the chat app and Facebook group, plus a good alternative to Maven learning if you’re looking to create membership subscriptions, live stream events, and own your branded website.

Top Features

✅ Compelling landing page
✅ Sell bundles and course membership
✅ Web and mobile app features
✅ Activity feed and Livestream inside your community
✅ White-labeling solution

Pricing: starts at $39/month, with a free trial

An all-in-one community-centric platform as a Maven learning alternative is an all-in-one community-centric platform for creators and brands. It allows you to create, engage, manage, and monetize your community with its useful features. The space enables meaningful engagement and effective relationships.

It’s a great Maven learning alternative for knowledge workers, creators, and experts who want to build first their community before the course. Although Circle isn’t the best for cohort-based courses, you can use Teachfloor if you want to build your community + cohort-based courses at the same time.

Top Features

✅ Discussion chat rooms and private messaging
✅ Brand building and single sign-on (SSO)
✅ Live stream events and paid memberships
✅ Multiple integrations
✅ Advanced Analytics

Pricing: starts at $39/month, with a free trial


Turning your expertise into revenue

Thinkific is a software platform with a mission to revolutionize the way people learn and earn online. This is through building learning tools that entrepreneurs & creators need to turn their expertise into a profitable online business.

Top Features

✅ Professional web storefront with no-code tools
✅ Built-in marketing and e-commerce features
✅ Ready-made, customizable themes
✅ Thinkific App Store

Pricing: $74/month with a free plan


Make actionable paths to help people learn anything

Pathwright created its own path in the world of LMSs: it’s to focus more on the mission while staying independent from investors. It’s a bootstrapped LMS that is founded by twin brothers, Paul & Mark Johnson with the mission of multiplying the impact teachers can make in the world.

In Pathwright, you’ll be able to create your own online school, sell online courses, and grow your learning community by setting it up in less than 5 minutes! It's the best Maven Learning alternative if you're an educator and if you already have your audience. The only difference between Pathwright from other LMSs is their passion for ‘fixing’ education through creating learning paths.

Top Features:

✅ Mobile app features & learner analytics tool
✅ White-labeling and branding solution
✅ E-commerce features, subscription-based plans
✅ Let you create an unlimited learning path
✅ Cohorts and mentoring-friendly features

Pricing: Starter - $89/month, scholarships available. You can try it for a free account as long as you’d like.


Reshape Education using Virtually

Virtually is an LMS backed by Y Combinator and some other famous ventures. They are a very good alternative to Maven Learning if you are into one-of-its-kind features such as automated tracking of attendance in Zoom, built-in security, and powerful analytics for your community.

Virtually’s founder, Ish Baid launched a podcast entitled Reshaping Education where you can learn how to thrive in the world of online education from top entrepreneurs that make education accessible and affordable for all.

Top Features:

✅ Automate attendance tracking for Zoom
✅ Seamless event management
✅ Powerful analytics for your community
✅ Multiple Integrations
✅ Built-in security

Pricing: Pro plan - $50/month with a free trial

Training Spark

The best choice for training providers

Training Spark lets you create your own learning platform using WordPress, LearnDash, Cohort Manager, and Zoom to get the flexibility you want, keep the payments for yourself, and blend live and self-paced sessions according to your course design.

This can be the best alternative to Maven learning if you’re into B2B clients if you know how to use WordPress & LearnDash or if you can outsource them. And, if you are willing to give time and effort to build your platform by yourself or with your team.

If not, then an all-in-one learning platform like Teachfloor is still the best choice for you because every feature you need for your online academy is already built for you.

Top Features:

✅ Best to manage your B2B, corporate, education and not-for-profit clients
✅ Complete flexibility and control on your learning platform
✅ Keep payments from your learners and you don’t need to pay commissions to third-parties
✅ Design and blend your course as you want to make it more effective for your learners

Pricing: Personal - $79/year

Maven Learning isn't the only way to turn your knowledge into a course

Due to the surge of online learning, there are thousands of learning platforms built to make education affordable and accessible to all. However, not all these platforms are a perfect fit for your needs. Like any other business, they have their unique features.

Find the best alternative to Maven Learning according to your needs. If you want to stick to creating a cohort-based course, learn how to start it today by downloading our free eBook. 


Are you struggling to launch your eLearning business? Discover how our eLearning agency  can help you to reach your business goals.

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