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8 Best Online Data Science Bootcamps of 2022

8 Best Online Data Science Bootcamps of 2022

The world today is entirely run using data. Every click and action is recorded for interpretation using data to build predictive models and algorithms. These models help in understanding and shaping the world. Hence, one can conclude that the single most important entity in today's world is data. However, on its own, data is mere numbers. It is the data science that gives these numbers meaning. And this is where data science bootcamps play a pivotal role.

According to reports, the data market values up to a hefty $229 billion with an annual growth rate of 10.6%. With a rapidly growing industry comes a high demand for experts. As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the data science industry reports an increase of 22% in demand for data scientists.

However, where this is great news for aspirants there comes a slight drawback too. Data science is expertise that requires proper guidance. College degrees do come in handy but not everyone has the funds or the time to enroll in a university. But worry not. We have curated a smart list of top online data science bootcamps that guarantee quality education and a portfolio boost.

What is data science?

Without losing ourselves amid the technical jargon, data science is the sense behind data. It teaches you how to arrange and understand the data. For this, experts or data scientists use tools such as programming languages and machine learning. Some pretty cool and brilliant stuff isn't it.

Moreover, World Economic Forum claims that data science is amongst one of the highest growing professions.  

Why opt for data science bootcamps?

Focused learning

Bootcamps are highly specific and focused programs curated to provide a no-nonsense learning approach to professionals looking to skill-up without investing too much time. Universities often require students to commit for years or months at the very least to learn the same skills the people can learn via data science bootcamps.

Bootcamps are further also categorized. This is especially helpful for professionals who already possess prior knowledge and experience in the field and want to brush up on a particular aspect.

Quick learning

Juggling a professional life and an academic life simultaneously is tough. Often,  professionals feel deterred from pursuing the field further due to this dilemma. With the help of such bootcamps, one can easily manage the optimal work-life balance. As most of the programs also offer online access to the courses, learners can log on to their devices and learn away from the comfort of their spaces. Hence, making data science bootcamps both a quick way of learning while also being incredibly accessible.


Rather than spending your life's savings chasing a college degree to pursue your professional dreams, invest in certificates that reap you more for a smaller price. Data science bootcamps offer various programs that cater to individual needs. This way everyone can easily afford the sessions. No one should have to give up on their dreams because they are unable to afford them. And this is what such bootcamps promise.

Networking opportunities

With greater accessibility comes greater participation globally. People of all sorts of backgrounds come together to learn and engage with fellow learners. This provides an ideal and exclusive opportunity to earn a global experience. Moreover, these contacts also make for great networks that assist in stretching one's career forward.

Top Data Science Bootcamps

Flatiron School

Data science bootcamps
  • Mode of study: Online.
  • Duration: 5 months (full-time), 10 months (part-time & self-paced).
  • Tuition cost: $15,000 (full-time & part-time) + $6,900 for self-paced.

Flatiron is a leading online data science academy that focuses on teaching programming languages such as Java, Python, and SQL. Moreover, BootCamp covers primary topics such as machine learning, big data, and natural language processing. There is no need for prior experience. However, it is advised to have some prior knowledge regarding these topics. The school is rigorous and handpick highly motivated individuals to participate in their Bootcamp. For this, aspirants need to complete some pre-Bootcamp work to reserve a seat for themselves. Flatiron also offers career guidance to the learners. This is especially helpful when starting or changing career pathways.

We Cloud Data

Data science
  • Mode of study: Online & in-person (Toronto)
  • Tuition cost: ~ $15,000
  • Duration: Varies depending on the bootcamp selection. (6-3 months).

We Cloud Data offers a wide variety of data science bootcamps with different specializations. Students can choose a full-time, nearly 12-week long, immersive experience. The bootcamps cover topics such as data analytics, machine learning, programming languages, etc. The best feature about this Bootcamp is that it provides ample hands-on practice opportunities for learners looking to build their portfolios. The platform also provides corporate training to the students to train them for their future corporate lives.

The price can be a bit much for some. Thankfully We Cloud Data comes offers loans and grants to talented and students in need. You can also select a personalized payment plan that ticks all your requirements.

Thinkful Data Science Bootcamp

top 2022 bootcamps
  • Mode of study: online
  • Tuition cost: $7,999
  • Duration: 6 months (part-time).

Thinkful is a Chegg offshoot that most of us are quite familiar with. What makes Thinkful's BootCamp a part of our list is its affordability. The tuition is nearly half of what most of the data science bootcamps ask for. But in no way does this mean that Thinkful compromises the quality of learning in any way. The BootCamp offers one-on-one mentioning with field experts and gives rare networking opportunities with data big-shots. Moreover, Thinkful comes with a money-back guarantee; if you are unable to land a job within six months of the BootCamp, you get your tuition back. It cannot get any safer than this!

Big Data Bootcamp

data science bootcamps
  • Mode of study: In-person (Seattle, USA).
  • Tuition cost: $1,499
  • Duration: 3 days.

For those of you looking for a quick Resume upgrade, Big Data Bootcamp is the answer. It offers an intensive 3-day learning conference that brings together professionals from all over. One does not require any learning pre-requisites to sign up for this program. This makes it a great and affordable option for people who are not too sure about a career in data science. In three days, they can see if the field suits their needs or not without losing too much money or time. Individuals along with corporations can apply for this conference cum BootCamp.

Byte Academy

Byte academy
  • Mode of study: In-person & Online
  • Tuition cost: $14,950
  • Duration: 14 weeks.

Byte Academy is ranked amongst the top coding and data science bootcamps. In just 14 weeks, students get a full grasp of coding, data analytics, data wrangling, machine learning, and much more. Moreover, the course comes without any enrollment pre-considerations. You do not need prior experience to join. It also offers a one-on-one instructor interaction plan. That way students can have more personalized guidance. They offer both full-time live structure and part-time flipped classroom plans for student convenience.

Data Camp

Data camp
  • Mode of study: online
  • Tuition cost: $250 per year (subscription-based)
  • Duration: 4-6 hours per course.

Data Camp is an online data science library of sorts. It has over a hundred courses to choose from. Students can select tracks according to their specializations and sharpen their skills evermore. Learn anything and everything about data science, from analytics, to programming, and data visualization. Interestingly, some of the courses available are also free for students to try.

CareerFoundry Data Analytics Program

data analytics
  • Mode of study: Online
  • Tuition cost: $6,900
  • Duration: 5 months (full-time) & 8 months (part-time).

CareerFoundry's data BootCamp is perfect for people looking to change career paths and who have no prior experience in the field. It may not be considered a BootCamp in the usual sense, however, the platform provides ample courses related to the field for learners. The course curriculum takes you right from the basics all the way to the in-depth technicalities of the data science realm. The courses use a project-based learning strategy to provide crucial practical work experience alongside theory. Moreover, CareerFoundry focuses on a unique mentorship model whereby learners work with both a mentor and a tutor for thorough assistance in this otherwise daunting field.

INE Data Science Courses

data science bootcamps
  • Mode of study: Online
  • Tuition cost: $49 (per month) & $499 (per year)
  • Duration: Self-paced.

INE is yet another atypical data science bootcamps that can be rightly referred to as a content library. You can find a wide archive of courses concerning data science. Since it is self-paced, it uses a passive-yet-active learning methodology. Students consume learning via pre-recorded lectures but then are required to apply the practical knowledge to assigned projects. It builds their individual critical thinking skills. Being both highly flexible and affordable, INE makes for a good choice for busy professionals struggling to make time to learn new concepts.

So this was our little take on the up-and-coming data science bootcamps of 2022. Keep an eye on them and do give them a try to find your best fit. You might also want to check: 20 Best Online Coding Bootcamps.

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