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10 Best Employee Training Tools for 2023

For any organization to be successful and grow rapidly, training employees and developing their skills through an employee learning tool is important. Workers can grow every single day with the right training, which improves their retention...

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For any organization to be successful and grow rapidly, training employees and developing their skills through an employee learning tool is important. Workers can grow every single day with the right training, which improves their retention, satisfaction, and productivity. 

If you want to train existing employees or are recruiting new individuals for your workforce, using the right employee training tool will help them reach the next level. Here is a list of the 10 best employee training tools that organizations are using in 2023. Through these, you can take your employee’s productivity to a new level.

The Best Employee Training Tools in 2023


employee training tool Teachfloor

Teachfloor is an all-in-one software for applying cohort-based learning methodology to corporate training. Teachfloor helps companies increase learners' engagement and knowledge retention in a fast and attractive way.

Applying cohort-based learning means adopting an active learning approach that will increase dramatically the learner engagement and course completion rate.

In fact, employees will learn together following the same learning path discussing and interacting with each other, practicing new skills, and increasing knowledge retention. with the goal of enhancing the learning experience, pushing employees to become the heart of the program, overcoming difficulties.

Teachfloor is designed for teaching complex topics such as cyber security, internal processes, business leadership, practice the sales pitch, etc.

For your organization, Teachfloor offers the ideal tools to train your employees and run learning paths smoothly online. Organizations can build custom curriculums and offer peer review, scheduled lessons, and on-demand learning content to trainees.

Top Features:

  • Cohort-based courses
  • Live courses
  • On-demand
  • Curriculum Builder
  • Collaborative learning
  • Interactive quizzes and tests
  • Student assignments
  • Peer learning
  • Discussion forum
  • Students chats
  • White-label and custom design
  • Zoom Integration
  • Multiple instructors
  • Stripe, Google Meet, Zoom, Zapier

At a price of $99 per month for 100 users. Teachfloor is the best solution to transform your company into a learning organization.


employee training tool TalentLMS

TalentLMS is a popular LMS software focusing on training employees and helping them with compliance training and onboarding. Organizations can build interactive and effective learning courses easily without any coding involved. 

Employees can start or stop the course at any time and proceed at whatever pace suits them best. Customizable tools allow organizations to take courses that match their brand image and style. 

Top Features:

  • Live and recorded sessions
  • Drag-and-drop widgets for course creation
  • Interactive quizzes and tests
  • Custom design and branding
  • Progress management and monitoring

At a price of $59 per month for 40 users, TalentLMS is a great training platform. 


employee training tool Whatifx

Using Whatifx, organizations can make learning programs for their employees and help train and onboard them to other software like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, etc. The application offers walkthroughs and in-app help using which employees can become proficient with the platform in less time. 

IT tickets are not needed for trainees because Whatifx offers self-support knowledge to employees during the training process. The tool makes sure everyone is using it correctly and even showcases product features to boost an organization’s ROI. 

Top Features:

  • Easy content creation and in-app walkthroughs
  • No coding needed
  • Personalized coaching flows for multiple job roles
  • The best tutorials, tips, knowledge centers, etc.
  • Monitoring tools and analytics


employee training tool ProProfs

ProProfs has many tools and widgets for employee development and training programs that organizations can use. Using the software’s Training Maker, companies can build custom content and learning courses for their employees. 

ProProfs’ Knowledge Base offers organizations and employees the power to find solutions for their problems through a FAQ-like page. The Quiz Maker helps managers create tests for employees to check whether they retain what they learn.

Top Features:

  • Employee development course creation
  • Feedback and survey tools
  • E-Quiz and test creation
  • Knowledge-based content creation tools
  • Pricing varies based on the requirements of each specific user. 



Companies get all LMS features coupled with employee training, engagement, and performance monitoring features with LearnAmp. Course creation is simple in this software, and every person in an organization can contribute to the courses. 

Management and employees can use decentralized learning, data visualization, analytics, etc., and measure the overall ROI. Employees can even set their own goals and OKRs in a single place. 

Top Features:

  • Custom content and course creation
  • Live training setup and webinars
  • Interactive Test and quiz creation
  • Reporting and analytics management 



Another top digital adoption software, clients can use Apty to create content and learning courses with drag and drop functions   It has its easy-to-use tools and widgets. Employee productivity can be boosted through in-app guidelines and walkthroughs, and they can become software proficient quickly. 

Apty allows organizations to measure an organization’s progress of the training program and how much the company’s stack is used. There is no pricing information, and you need to contact them for getting a quote. 

Top Features:

  • In-app personalized content creation
  • On-screen walkthroughs and guidance
  • Multi-platform capability and functionality
  • User tracking analytics and easy adoption



EdApp is a free tool used by companies of different sizes for employee training. The award-winning software has an editable library full of content, a SCORM-compliant tool for authoring, and is ideal for developing and training your company’s employees. Through the use of gamification and custom templates, the learning process is made for employees.

Employees can access the lessons and quizzes anytime through their smartphones and increase their course completion rate. Use of Mobile learning has made EdApp more effective than traditional employee training tools.


  • Anytime access through smartphones
  • An editable library of content
  • SCORM-compliant authoring
  • Online custom course and quiz maker

Cloud Academy

employee Cloud Academy

Businesses can use the effective Cloud Academy employee training solution for making tech-targeted and comprehensive learning content for employees. The platform features a huge library filled with tech fundamentals content and features custom exams and pre-built quizzes to maximize the employee’s learning and retainment. 

Employees can access this platform even when they are offline. Cloud Academy has Cloud Roster through which employees can learn in-demand skills that are essential for various job roles. 

The platform offers a free trial for 7 days, after which you need to pay for a subscription.

Top Features:

  • Offline access to learning resources
  • Huge library filled with tech fundamental content
  • Pre-built questions and custom quizzes 
  • Tech-targeted and comprehensive learning content



Powered by AI, Docebo is an employee learning software using which businesses can create personalized learning content and resources for training their workforce. Many of the top enterprise companies source their content and offer access to Docebo’s users.

Docebo has the best-in-class analytics and tracking. Effective Management tools using which organizations can measure the rate of employee development and growth. To get a custom price quotation, you need to get in touch with their customer support.

Top Features:

  • Ethically-sourced learning content library and repository
  • Training management, reporting, analytics, and progress tracking tools
  • Training and coaching powered by AI
  • Personalized learning content and course reaction



One more great platform in the LMS category is LearnUpon offering a range of solutions to create, assign, track, measure, and everything else related to employee training. Every resource is present within a centralized unit where an organization can make knowledge libraries and Wiki’s. Employees can use them to solve their queries. 

There are special tools for progressing your business’ employee development and onboarding. There are certain courses focusing on the most in-demand skills in today’s corporate world. LearnUpon charges $699 per month to service 50 users.

Top Features:

  • Course creation based on knowledge bases
  • Personalized and easy drag-and-drop content and course creation
  • Compliance training and building automated workflows for businesses
  • Automatic systems for progress analysis, tracking, and reporting
  • Integrations with the most-used software

Conclusion - The Best Employee Training Tools

The competition in today’s industry is cutthroat, and organizations need a skillful staff to stand out and succeed. Employees are the backbone of an organization, and if they underperform, the whole organization suffers from it.

Thankfully, there are multiple online employee training tools available that help with the development and training of workforces. Using these, employees can be trained in essential skills required for in-demand jobs.

Creating learning courses and providing essential content to trainees becomes easy through, and prices are affordable too. You can take a look at the top 10 in-demand tools in the above blog and choose the one that suits your organizations’ needs and requirements the most.

If you want to take your employee training program online. Workflow offers the right tools and resources needed to do so. Offer your courses across a diverse community and teach employees to be the leaders of tomorrow.

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