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February 2, 2024

New Feedback Reflection Activity

New Feedback Reflection Activity

Teachfloor is thrilled to introduce the latest enhancement to our course curriculum: the Feedback Reflection tool. This innovative addition is part of our commitment to foster a more engaging and interactive learning environment, encouraging deep reflection and constructive peer interaction.

What is Feedback Reflection?

Feedback Reflection is a cutting-edge assessment tool that instructors can seamlessly integrate into their courses. It represents the final, crucial phase of a three-step peer learning activity.

The process begins with students submitting their work, which can vary in format from text to audio or video files.

Following this, the Peer Review phase ensues, wherein students evaluate the submissions of their peers based on criteria set by the instructor.

The process culminates in the Feedback Reflection stage, where students have the opportunity to ponder over the feedback they've received, thereby closing the loop of the peer learning process.

Customizable Feedback Rubric

Feedback Reflection

To enhance the effectiveness of this tool, instructors have the flexibility to create a custom feedback rubric. Teachfloor provides two default questions to kickstart this process: an open-ended question, "What did you learn from the feedback you received?" and a text scale question, "Evaluate the overall helpfulness of the feedback". This structure prompts students to introspect deeply and internalize the feedback, transforming it into a personal learning experience.

Process for Participants

The process is intuitive and enriching. After completing the peer review, students proceed to the Feedback Reflection phase. Here, they engage with the feedback they've received, using the instructor's rubric as a guide. This reflection is crucial for students to understand different perspectives and learn from their peers. Instructors can then access and review these reflections through the assessment page, providing them with valuable insights into the learning dynamics of their class.

Benefits of Feedback Reflection

  • Enhanced Learning: By reflecting on peer feedback, students develop a deeper understanding of the subject matter.
  • Improved Critical Thinking: Engaging in this reflective process fosters critical analysis and self-awareness.
  • Better Alignment with Learning Goals: The tool helps students align their learning process with the course's objectives and outcomes.

Significance Supported by Research

Feedback Reflection's impact on learning is underlined by educational research emphasizing the importance of reflection in the learning process. Studies indicate that reflection on feedback is key to converting peer insights into personal knowledge, thereby enhancing the learning experience.


The introduction of the Feedback Reflection tool on Teachfloor marks a significant step towards enriching the peer learning experience. We are excited to see how instructors and students leverage this tool to deepen their understanding and enhance the educational journey.

We look forward to your valuable feedback on this new feature and are eager to witness its innovative applications in your courses.

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